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Guest of Honour Welcome Address


Opening Plenary: Developing Vietnam’s Energy Landscape

Antonio Della Pelle

Sustaining Vietnam’s growth & propelling Vietnam to the next level

  • Overcoming the energy trilemma: the optimum energy mix
  • Meeting energy demands
  • Attracting FDI to Vietnam
  • Increasing local productivity rate
Panel discussion

Energy Leaders Panel: Looking forward: Powering growth in Vietnam’s energy sector

The Vietnam power market is undergoing major restructuring, gearing towards a competitive wholesale and retail market, and increasing its installed capacity to more than 135GW by 2030. The revised Power Development Plan unveiled in March 2016, places stronger emphasis on energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy development and power market liberalisation. This panel seeks to hear the visions of energy leaders in Vietnam and around the region on:
  • The current opportunities currently existing in Vietnam’s energy market
  • Contemporary issues in the energy market and greatest challenges Vietnam needs to overcome
  • Ensuring energy security and safeguarding capacity
  • Can solar and wind grow against a backdrop of low coal and oil prices, and what are the realistic prospects for displacing thermal and hydro power generation capacity?
  • How new technologies will shape planning decisions and regulatory behaviour going forward
  • Inspirations from other developed or developing countries
  • Policies, technologies and business models Vietnam needs to adopt in order to move ahead
Panel discussion

International Investors Panel: What does the future hold for the Vietnam’s energy sector: How can we attract more FDI into Vietnam’s energy projects?

  • What’s stopping foreign investors from investing into power projects in Vietnam?
  • What are investor’s considerations when investing in emerging markets: How do yields and risks compare?
  • Are current tax incentives and regulations attractive for international investors and developers? How can Vietnam boost its competitiveness?
  • Identifying the critical factors in attracting foreign investors and long term capital to an emerging market like Vietnam
  • Creating stable and long term returns for investors

Speed Networking


Morning Refreshments

Market Outlook

Market Outlook


Keynote: Global & ASEAN trends in wind energy development

  • Changing market dynamics: growth drivers, inhibitors & opportunities
  • New innovations and technologies to enhance efficiency and reliability of wind
  • Economies of scale

Vietnam’s solar energy development: Where we are now and where we are heading to

  • World’s trends, innovations and technologies in solar energy
  • Vietnam’s current state of solar energy development and future master plan
  • Forseeable cost reductions in the industry: Economies of scales, technological advances and opportunities for commercialisation
Kim Tuoc Huynh, Director, HCMC Energy Conservation Center

Vietnam – a challenging, yet promising market: Achieving Vietnam’s 500GW+ wind potential

  • The business case for wind energy in Vietnam: Economic viability and potential
  • Learning from the success stories of other regional nations
  • Market framework and dynamics
  • Key hurdles of wind power development in Vietnam
  • Investments needed to close the gap

Fostering JVs between local and international partners for solar project development

  • Criteria for local and international partner selection
  • Bridging the gap and mitigating local knowledge risks
  • Synergies for partnership and co-development
  • Knowledge transfers

The winds of change: Making today’s wind technology more competitive

  • Optimisation of design and performance of wind turbines
  • Increasing return on installed capacity and reducing costs
  • Economies of scale

Bolstering Vietnam’s solar industry: Future of solar plant development

  • Optimising and innovating solar project development
  • Implementing latest technologies to increase output and reduce costs
  • Case studies of successful deployments

Networking Luncheon

Upscaling Wind in Vietnam

Policy Framework


Support mechanisms for the development of solar energy in Vietnam

  • Summary of the Decision 11/2017/QD-TTG
  • Planning & investment for building solar power projects
  • Implementation provisions and timelines
  • PPA terms and incentives
  • Project approval procedures

Panel Discussion: Ensuring a sustainable wind industry for Vietnam

  • Foreseeable cost reductions in the industry
  • Economies of scales & technological advances
  • Implementation of new technology and knowledge transfer
  • Financial viability of projects: How do yields compare with other emerging markets?
Brandon Megorden, Regional Manager for Asia, US Trade & Development Agency
Hieu Tran, Project Manager (wind turbine localization project), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, The Technology Business Incubation Center

Wind Project Development

Upscaling Solar in Vietnam


Overcoming bottlenecks in developing large scale wind projects in Vietnam

  • Experiences from project developers in rolling out wind projects in other countries
  • Overcoming regulatory and financing hurdles
  • Concerns for those with a wait and see approach
  • Strategies for market entry
  • Working with local partners for market entry
  • Mitigating risks in wind project development

Wind energy case studies – Success story from India and what Vietnam’s energy producers can learn from

  • Optimising and innovating wind project development
  • Creating an integrated risk management strategy for wind power development
  • Implementing latest technologies to increase output and reduce costs
  • Case studies of successful deployments

Panel Discussion: Ensuring a sustainable solar industry for Vietnam

  • What can be done to accelerate solar development in Vietnam
  • Implementation of new technology and knowledge transfer
  • Reflections on projects developed in the past year – what are the challenges, where are we up to now?
  • Structuring off-take agreements
  • Securing grid connection
  • Financial viability of projects: How do yields compare with other emerging markets?

Panel Discussion: Why a higher FIT price is not the answer to bolster wind power?

  • Easing pressure on project cash flow and lowering long term risks of wind project financing through indexation of PPA price on inflation
  • Securing long term project debt financing
  • Ensuring optimum wind resource and installation costs to ensure financial viability in current environment of difficult financing
  • Case study of Vietnam’s first foreign owned wind project in Vietnam

Afternoon Refreshments


Project Matching Session


Networking Cocktail

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