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Cash My Stock (CMS) is a B2B e-commerce trading platform, offering a complete solution for companies to convert their slow-moving inventory into cash and lower their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO), and the amount of working capital tied up in inventory.

Buyers benefit from a flexible and transparent platform that ensures no supplier dependency, the product itself is the focal point instead of negotiating various agreements with different suppliers.

Cash My Stock enables flexible fulfillment options by allowing logistics and fulfillment partners listed on the platform to offer buyers their services via a fully transparent digital bidding process.

Through Cash My Stock

  • Buyers will have access to special deals that can secure higher margins
  • Buyers are buying immediately available stock
  • Buyers have the option to check and inspect stocks bought under one roof and one transaction
  • Buyers will have access to a single SLA which guarantees service quality

CMS is the pioneering digital platform for liquidation in the MEA region, which emulates the offline trading processes that are commonly used in daily business operations.

The first cross-borders trading platform in MEA region allows sellers to list their inventory before it becomes aged.



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