Tim O'loan | Director, Cities - Australia and New Zealand

Tim O'loan, Director, Cities - Australia and New Zealand, AECOM

Tim leads AECOM?s Cities group across Australia and New Zealand, which seeks to identify and make possible critical urban and social infrastructure opportunities within major cities across the Australian and New Zealand region. Throughout his career Tim has been focused on the development and leadership of highly charged planning and design teams dedicated to finding practical and evocative solutions to complex urban design and urban infrastructure issues. Professionally Tim is positioned across all AECOM business groups Tim?s role is to ensure the primary delivery teams are positioned well in advance of the larger urban regeneration and infrastructure opportunities. Through leading independent research initiatives, facilitating global client-to-client forums and managing targeted project campaigns Tim ensures that our major cities are developing as resilient, liveable and inspirational places for our future communities. In 2020, to further the aims of the Cities group, Tim co-hosted, wrote and produced AECOM?s Talking Cities podcast, a series aimed at bringing the thinking of critical ?city shapers?, urban influencers and executives around critical city issues to AECOM?s listeners.

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