Magda Krawiec | Associate Director, Strategic Projects
Infrastructure NSW

Magda Krawiec, Associate Director, Strategic Projects, Infrastructure NSW

Magda has over 19 years’ experience in infrastructure planning, development and delivery. This includes project/program management of sensitive, high risk and high value government infrastructure.

Magda shaped infrastructure decision-making in NSW as the main advisor for TfNSW on Federal funding and project priorities, responsible for the effective integration of Federal and State needs and objectives in the planning, approval and delivery of projects co-funded by the Commonwealth.

Magda led the design, development, implementation and management of a pilot assurance policy and framework specifically tailored to the unique nature of Transport investments. She was then responsible for critical analysis of high volumes of data, through a breadth of economic, technical and business model lenses and provision of expert advice on value for money, alignment with transport objectives, whole of life cost, risk and benefits at all phases of the investment life-cycle and for all modes of transport including roads, heavy rail, light rail, ferry and bus.


Day 1 @ 14:30

What it takes to deliver a major project announcement

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