Bede Noonan | Managing Director
Acciona Geotech

Bede Noonan, Managing Director, Acciona Geotech

In March 2017, ACCIONA acquired leading diversified civil engineering business, Geotech Group and formed ACCIONA Geotech Holding (AGH). Led by Bede Noonan, AGH is optimally positioned to deliver ACCIONA’s Australian and New Zealand construction pipeline.

Bede’s career developed with the Geotech Group. Starting as Financial Controller in 1991 and progressing to contract and general business management. In 2000, Bede led the transitional buyout of the Geotech Group becoming CEO and major shareholder. As CEO, Bede has overseen integration of new businesses, continued operational growth and establishment of offices across Australia.

As Geotech Group grew from a subcontractor with $5m annual revenue into a diversified civil engineering business passing $100m, Bede saw the value in introducing external shareholders and a professional board. This allowed the continuing maturing of the Group into projects greater than $100m in revenue and Group annual revenue growing past $300m. Most importantly, this growth was achieved with corresponding profit growth allowing the Balance Sheet to cope with larger project risks.

While enjoying interaction across all operational aspects, Bede’s passion for innovation and R&D has culminated to focus on Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Financial & Systems Management.

Australia and NZ are the key strategic platform countries for Acciona globally due to the combination of a solid political and legal framework, growing populations and corresponding economic growth requiring continued development in infrastructure.

The Acciona Geotech business has a diversity of specialist capabilities in ground engineering, mechanical engineering and rail construction which work together with our major project delivery experience to provide clients a truly unique construction partner. Bede continues to build upon diversifying our business risk whilst enhancing our capability through our geographic spread of work, our range of clients and our contract types.

Currently, Acciona have alliance contracts in 4 states and hopefully soon in others, combined with a range of hard dollar contracts such as our 2 Waste to Energy projects in WA. Long term relationships fostered over a partnering approach to business regardless of contract type is a key part of how Bede drives the Acciona Geotech business. This attitude stems from the simple roots of a small business and the belief that to be successful as a bigger business you should retain the essential cultures of respectful relationships that are core to all successful small businesses.

Bede aims to continue bringing his entrepreneurial approach to business to ensure Acciona cements itself in Australia and NZ as the leading sustainable, reliable and trusted infrastructure partner.


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Future outlook of Acciona's Geotech's major road projects in Australia, focusing on sustainable solutions for infrastructure

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