Zhejiang Anyun Traffic Equipments Co.,Ltd.


Over the years we have the proven experience as a manufacturer and exporter You need for trusted industrial safety equipment. Our ever-growing, ever-changing products selection offers customers the most up-to-date products.

We have set up our own brand MrSAFETY for traffic safety equipment. Our safety products include: Barricade Flasher Light, Traffic Baton, Rotating Warning Light, Strobe Warning Light, LED Traffic Warning Flare, Traffic Cone, Delineator Post, Channelizer Cone, Narrow Barrel, Retractable Safety Cone, Plastic Flex Board, Traffic Post, Traffic Cone Bar, Plastic Flex Bollard, Defence Barrier, Traffic Drum, safety flag, Floor Sign, Expandable Barricade, Speed Hump, Parking Block, Corner Protector, Cable Protector, Dorking Dumper, Wheel Chock, Kerb Ramp, Cord Protector, Hose Protector, Reflector, Pavement Marker, Road Stud, Plastic Chain, Barrier Tape, Reflective Tape, Vehicle Conspicuity Tape, Marking Tape, Detective tape, Safety Fence, Safety Cap, Safety Wear, Retractable Belt Barrier, Traditional Rope Post, Convex Mirror, Padlock and lockout for protecting the equipment.

Our products emphasise our commitment to safety.