Trafftrak is a cloud-based solution designed for both Traffic Controllers and office users, simplifying workflows and processes with our user-friendly smartphone app, bringing a new era of efficiency. Schedule shifts, employees, and assets in real-time, reducing administrative hours. Traffic Controllers benefit from timely shift notifications and comprehensive shift details, enhancing safety by ensuring well-informed and prepared staff. Team Leaders create dockets for streamlined payroll and invoicing processes.

Simplify the onboarding process for new employees. Share a link to new employees to answer onboarding questions, input ticket details, and upload necessary documents. All their information is securely saved in their employee profile, making your task easy - just review and activate the employee.

Trafftrak becomes your centralized hub for Plans and Permits, providing an organized and easily accessible place. Our system conducts thorough checks on licenses, tickets, inductions, availability, and more, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Benefit from fast, user-friendly, and customizable reporting and export your data as needed, providing flexibility and control over your information. For office users on the go, our smartphone app is your solution to execute all tasks related to scheduling shifts and assigning employees, ensuring productivity wherever you are.