EBCON Provides 

* Civil Works
* Maintenance 
* IT Systems

We provide asset owners with the best quality of work with limited financial risk.

Ebcon can offer its clients solutions to problems that relate to the structural operation and/or environmental failure.

EBCON Commitment & Dedication

Our clients can be assured of our commitment to aligning our goals with your goals and our professional workmanship at all levels.
Our primary company focus is to achieve the best possible result for the clients as determined within their required scope.

Our trajectory over the years gives us the expertise and the ability to perform to the highest standards and expectations of our clients.
We operate and undertake works under an iterated management system that encompasses OHS & R environmental and quality systems. This management system has been written to comply with the ISO9001 series and also incorporates government statutory requirements for environmental and OHS & R elements.

EBCON is the exclusive Australian distributor of American Road Patch.

Our Services

* American Road Patch ( Co-branded as Australian Road Patch)
* Civil and Restoration
* Traffic Management Services
* Road Maintenace
* Hydro Excavations 
* Concrete Grinding
* Street Scapes and Furnishings
* Accredited Asbestos removal
* Underground Asset Locating 
* Hydro Wash