Durkin Construction Pty Limited


Durkin provides professional engineering services to the construction and built environment industries. Our engineering services range from 3D modelling of sub-surface utilities, pavement investigation and rehabilitation design, to mapping and 3D modelling of the natural and built environment.

At Durkin, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients with practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions to their diverse project requirements. 

Our three separate departments and the services they provide are below:

Subsurface Technology - Utility Locating, Concrete Imaging, 3D GPR Surveys, Traffic Control, Large diameter Core drilling, Saw Cutting, Potholing, Utility Surveying and 3D modelling.

Geospatial Survey - Cadastral, Topographical and Detail Surveys, Construction Set out, Laser and Lidar scans, 3D modelling.

Pavement Technology - Non-destructive testing of pavements and structures with FWD and GPR, core and borehole drilling and sampling, construction materials testing, QA testing of Asphalt, Pavement design and advice on construction methodology. 





benton.ng@terrapinn.com | 02 8908 8527

saba.hayat@terrapinn.com  | 02 8908 8516



arron.penman@terrapinn.com | +61 2 8908 8505




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