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At DCA we are reimagining the future with the power of data. Through development and continual improvement of technology innovations we are putting more data in the hands of our clients and our community to improve the way they go about their business. We are experts in IoT software innovations, database development and data management. 

DCA Cities division has a specialist focus on, on-street parking management incorporating:

• Smart mobility sensor technology

• Mobile way finding and payment applications

• Digital permit technology

• Infringement issuing technologies, management and

• processing

• Specialist parking officers and intelligent patrol planning

• methodology

• Smart mobility data analytics

Our approach to smart mobility and parking management is holistic, we partner with each of our clients to realise their vision, prioritising their objectives to overcome local challenges. DCA’s multi-facet, integrated suite of technologies and services is designed to manage any aspect of smart mobility and parking operations and offers clients the flexibility to add and connect solutions at any time.




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