Damar Industries Limited


Across Australia and New Zealand, Damar are a leading supplier of premium solutions to the Road Safety, Composites and Aerosol markets. With the delivery of superior product quality, innovative advances and value adding service, Damar provide outstanding stakeholder experiences across the markets we serve.

Damar is a compliance managed and innovation-focused company with manufacturing located in Sydney as well as a national distribution network. Through proven performance, Damar are able to offer a wide range of road safety materials including Water-Based & Cold Applied Plastic, Radiation-Cured and Thermoplastic technologies for use in Flat Line, Audio Tactile and Non-Skid applications on roads, pavement and airfield applications.

With a long history in the road safety sector, Damar is recognised for our industry expertise. You will also find our premium product range fully supported with the highest standard of service making Damar an ideal partner to government and private contractor alike.





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