Matt Newell | Principal
Glenmore State High School

Matt Newell, Principal, Glenmore State High School

Mr Matthew Newell is the Principal at Glenmore State High School for the Queensland Department of Education. He has worked across the school in various roles where his passion for student improvement has always been his focus. Matt and his team won the 2014 Queensland Showcase award for the work they undertook in student engagement. In 2015, he had the honour of being selected as Queensland’s Positive Teacher of The Year. Matt’s credo is ‘No matter the Barriers; no matter Background; no matter the aBility; our kids will be successful’. This drive to create innovative and successful environments for students led his school to be one of the first two Queensland schools to implement a FlexiSpace, where the Australian Curriculum, relationships and inclusion are keys to its successful operation.


Day 1 @ 13:30

FlexiSpace: a new way of doing business

Day 2 @ 09:30

Youth Engagement: from policy to practice

last published: 16/Apr/20 00:36 GMT

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