Govind Kavaturi | Director of Expansion – APAC
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Govind Kavaturi, Director of Expansion – APAC, Branch Metrics

Govind Kavaturi is the Director of Expansion (APAC) at Branch, the leading mobile linking company that seamlessly connects brands with their app users across all channels. At Branch, he works towards redefining the mobile landscape in Asia Pacific by spearheading the company’s expansion initiatives in the region. While being at Branch, he had served as the President (India) of Kairos Society, a global community of innovators under 25 and world's most influential industry leaders. Being an ardent advocate of entrepreneurship and innovation, he has contributed to the startup ecosystem for over 7 years. He’s passionate about solving the most pressing challenges the world needs solutions for and is constantly striving to create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 11:00

How to ensure your marketing tech stack makes analytics simple

  • What is the actual difference is between ad-tech and mar-tech?
  • How much has marketing analytics technology developed? To what extent can it accurately track the effect of marketing expenditure?
  • From the marketer’s point of view, how easy is it to build a tech-stack that gives you an apples-to-apples comparison of the effectiveness of your media spend? What are the key challenges?

LEAD 2017 - Day One @ 14:40

How realistic is the expectation that marketing analytics will help find causation?

  • How much can marketers trust analytics solutions that claim to measure causation, particularly in reference to offline activities for which the path of causation cannot be easily measured?
  • How reliably can marketing solutions predict causation over the long term?
  • How can the impact of long-term brand building activities, for which direct revenue cannot be attributed except by proxy, be measured?
  • Does the focus on marketing analytics privilege the short-term to the detriment of the long-term?

LEAD 2017 - Day Two @ 16:00

Guiding customers to buy

  • How to use customer journey maps to help shorten the customer journey
  • How to understand where customers fall off, and what can be done to re-engage those who won’t buy
  • How customer journey maps can make marketing cheaper and more effective

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