Marsel Wachter | Document expert
City of Amsterdam | Netherlands

Marsel Wachter, Document expert, City of Amsterdam

I started working for the municipality of Amsterdam in 1990. At first I worked for the department who was responsible for the first registration of new citizens mostly coming from abroad. If you relocate to Amsterdam from abroad you need to register as a resident. In 2004 I switched to the Team Identity fraud (TIF) which is a of joint venture between the Amsterdam police and the municipality. The Team Identity Fraud was set up to fight and prevent identity fraud in Amsterdam. To fulfill our mission we give training, advice and do research in the field of identity fraud. The reason for starting our team was remarkable, on October the 4th 1994 a Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet) cargo aircraft from EL AL was out of control and crashed in to two blocks of flats in Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. In order to find out who survived this disaster the mayor of Amsterdam made an appeal via the media to the people who lived in these apartments to report themselves. At a certain point there was talk that the government would grant a pardon to the people who lived there illegally and did not have a staying permit. From several European countries hundreds of people reported to this call. The government was surprised by the amount of illegal people and the Team was formed in 1998


Identity Week London 2020 - Day 1 @ 15:45

Panel: Issuing Authorities - The Road Ahead

The landscape for issuing authorities is forever changing, with processes becoming increasingly digitalised and circumstances forcing more remote issuance of documents. The final session this channel assesses some of the challenges and new opportunities facing issuing authorities.
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT
last published: 13/Nov/20 10:35 GMT

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