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Floris De Vogel, Int. Expert License Plates, License Plate Guide Europe

What is the first thing you see a car driving on the road? The vehicle and of course: their License Plate! Ever noticed that a license plate, the first identification is of a vehicle? Actually, the license plate is an identity card for a vehicle! Want to know more? Please join me on my speach or interactive session on the schedule! And... Who am I? And what do I do? A small biography of my activities:

  • Graphic designer/printer in the private sector until 2010.
  • Joined the Belgian Police Force in 2010.
  • Created a book about all the license plates in the world. - The License Plate Guide Project- (LPG Project)
  • Author License Plate Guide. - A must have for every police-, government- and defense departments - ask me about it!
  • CEO of License Plate Guide Project.
  • Member of the International Police Association – Antwerp Chapter - BELGIUM.
  • Member of VCI – Vehicle Crime Investigators.
  • International expert - investigator and expert advice for license plates and vehicle document forgery.
  • Vehicle expert and expert - Vehicle crime.
  • Inspector - Judicial Police Officer / Assistant Public Prosecutor - Antwerp Local Police.
  • Reference person for foreign vehicles and legislation for the Antwerp Public Prosecutor's Office – Traffic Section.
International trainings for:
  • Worked for INTERPOL. (Formatraining - SMV Vehicle Crime Taskforce)
  • European police departments (Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria, Türkey, etc....)
  • Active trainer on Belgian police schools (VESTA, WPS, ERIP-GIP, PIVO, PLOT and ANPA).
  • Specialist Foreign Vehicles for the Federal Police - WPR training Federal Police (MOCY) – traffic crime, license plates and vehicle registration.
  • INTERDOCPOL - Spanish training and knowledge centers. (Barcelona – Granollers)
  • ADOFOR – Spanish training and knowledge centers. (Málaga – Torremolinos)
  • Traffic education training centers for starting drivers.
  • Freelance consultant and trainings for private insurance and transport companies.
Feel free to contact me on kentekengids@europe.com for info or training! I hope to meet you on Identy Week 2024! Floris

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