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Founded in 2007, Lakota Software Solutions Inc. is a small business headquartered in Fairmont, WV, USA.  Lakota specializes in biometric software and systems and has been involved in the design and development of the world’s largest biometric systems, including the FBI Next Generation Identification system (NGI), FBI eDO, Department of Defense (DoD) Automated  Biometric  Identification  System  (DoD  ABIS), Department of  Homeland  Security (DHS) Homeland   Advanced   Recognition   Technology   (HART),   Afghanistan   Automated Biometric  Identification  System  (AABIS),  and  Somalia  Automated  Biometric  Identification System (SABIS). Through this extensive experience, Lakota has built a core suite of biometric COTS products that provide our commercial and federal customers with the software tools to ensure compliance with the appropriate biometric standards and specifications.  Lakota’s products also support international specifications, such as Eurodac, Interpol, and the NATO STANAG 4715.

Commercially, Lakota’s products are used by multiple U.S. government agencies including (DoD, Defense Forensics Science Center (DFSC) Biometrics Operations   Directorate   (BOD),   Department of   State   (DOS), FBI, Immigrations and  Customs  Enforcement  (ICE),  Naval  Criminal  Investigative Services  (NCIS), Naval  Surface  Warfare  Center  Dahlgren  Division  (NSWCDD) and other federal contracting companies,  such as Accenture  Federal  Services, Booz  Allen  Hamilton,  General Dynamics, Leidos, Northrop Grumman, and Peraton. Lakota has also developed key relationships with other biometric companies for collections and matching of biometrics.  Working with these companies allows Lakota to provide vendor-agnostic products that provide our end-users the choice of hardware and software they wish to use. Therefore, our solutions enable customers to scope the system to meet their accuracy, cost, and size requirements.

Our knowledge and continuous support of CONUS and OCONUS biometric systems allow us to stay at the forefront of the industry. This experience is an absolute strength of our company and allows us to provide superior support to every mission.






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