ExCeL London

ExCeL London is right in the heart of London’s historic Royal Docks, just ten minutes from Canary Wharf and twenty minutes from the City. ExCeL offers an abundance of flexible spaces and services which makes it a top choice for public shows, trade shows, meetings and special events. ExCeL provides a unique venue environment, providing the perfect backdrop for Identity Week 2020.

ExCeL London boasts over 20 on-site restaurants, eight on-site hotels and over 3,000 parking spaces offering a more than convenient experience for all attendees.

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ExCeL London is located at London’s Royal Docks and can be reached by travelling to Custom House station or Prince Regent station via DLR (Docklands Light Railway). Alternatively, a National Rail service can be taken to Royal Victoria station, followed by a short ten-minute walk to ExCeL London

How to get there



The address and contact details for the venue are:

ExCeL London
One Western Gtwy
London E16 1XL
Tel: +44 (0)20 7069 5000