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Concrete Canvas® (CC) is a flexible, concrete-filled geosynthetic, that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable and waterproof concrete layer. Essentially, it’s Concrete on a Roll™. CC allows concrete construction without the need for plant or mixing equipment: just add water.


CC is widely used in the civil engineering sector as a cost-effective alternative to conventional concrete for a wide range of road-side projects including channel and ditch lining for water management, erosion control and weed suppression, for new and existing road infrastructure projects.


The speed and ease of installing CC means it is well suited to time-critical road-side work, reducing lane possession and improving safety. Eliminating issues associated with rebound from shotcrete, and the large plant and equipment required for traditional concreting methods means road works can continue without lane closures. CC is BBA certified with a durability in excess of 120 years when used in erosion control applications.

CC offers a lower carbon, environmentally sensitive solution when compared to traditional concrete solutions. The speed of installation minimises traffic disruption, reduces the length of lane possession, and mitigates risks associated with roadside work.

Concrete Canvas® has been specified on numerous projects for the Highways Agency, Environment Agency, Balfour Beatty and others.






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