Van Trung Mai | Business Development Director
SolarBK Corporation

Van Trung Mai, Business Development Director, SolarBK Corporation

Mr. Mai Van Trung earned his electrical engineering bachelor in 2009 from Bach Khoa University Ho Chi Minh City.  He had been working in telecommunication industry for 2 years before backing to the University to earn his master degree. He taught as a lecturer in Advanced Program co-organized between the Bach Khoa University and University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign before joining SolarBK in 2013. 

He started his career as a RD engineer of SolarBK to study the smart power supply solutions to Telco BTS and desalination system which was utilized in Spratly Island. He was the project manager of the company’s first Telco project in Myanmar in 2014 to have the technical advisory service to more than 1000 sites across the country. He was promoted to be the project director of the Group to take care the project implementation office which delivers the EPC for PV Rooftops and Solar Hot Water. He was the project manager of first grid connected system of 110 kWp commissioned by EVN on Green One UN House Hanoi. The project enables him to be the door to knock whenever there is any request for comment on the grid connected/off grid standards supposed to be released in Vietnam. 

His expertise and experience result in his recent position as the Business Development Director of SolarBK Group. Under his lead, the company has expanded its business not only as a dominant player in domestic market but also international ones such as Myanmar, US and New Zealand where SolarBK is delivering its highly customizable solutions to the customers. Mr. Trung has the typical career path in SolarBK represented its core value trusting the young and talented people to grow in a continuous learning and sharing environment. 


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