2019 Agenda Overview


Ho Chi Minh City/ TP Hồ Chí Minh, 3 - 4 April 2019


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Apr 309:20
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Guest-of-Honour Keynote Address: Growing renewable energy in Vietnam: Investing in the future

  • Realising Vietnam’s renewable energy potential
  • Driving policy & implementing incentives: Making Vietnam attractive
  • Short, medium & long-term renewable energy prospects
  • Bringing reliable, sustainable power to Vietnam’s entire population
Apr 309:40
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Panel Discussion: Diversifying Vietnam’s energy future

  • What does Vietnam’s future energy mix look like?
  • Driving substantial renewable energy growth: How to level the playing field and ensure they can compete with thermal power generation
  • How are new energy technologies creating opportunities for renewable energy?
  • The role of foreign direct investment: Making Vietnam attractive
  • Learning from overseas: Who is getting it right, and what are the lessons for Vietnam?
  • Rural electrification plans
Apr 310:20
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Solar and wind development: Trung Nam Group Vision

Apr 311:40
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Developer Perspectives Panel: What role will utility scale solar play in Vietnam in the next decade?

  • FiT for purpose? Updates on new and changing incentives: Can tenders & auctions can make Vietnam’s solar market in Vietnam more efficient?
  • DPPA framework pilot: Providing security for long-term projects
  • How are new technologies increasing output and reducing costs? Exploring solar efficiency, sun tracing and efficient power conversion
  • Overcoming project bottlenecks
Apr 312:20
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Driving Solar Development in Vietnam: The Jinko Solar Vision

Apr 314:00
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Renewable Energy: KfW DEG Support in Vietnam

Andreas Cremer, Director Energy & Infrastructure for Europe, Middle East, Asia, Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Apr 314:20
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Panel Discussion: Making Vietnam renewable energy project bankable

  • Understanding the risk profile for renewable energy projects across the value chain
  • Which financial instruments are preferred? Do local investors and overseas investors think the same way?
  • The role of multilateral investors
  • As a relatively new market to foreign energy investors, how important are pre-existing relationships?
  • What government support do investors want to see? Is it just about the FiT and the PPA?
Moderator: Andreas Cremer, Director Energy & Infrastructure for Europe, Middle East, Asia, Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
Pablo Otin, Vice President, Emerging Markets, 8Minutenergy Renewables
Apr 315:00
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Panel Discussion: Structuring the deal: Energy project financing in Vietnam

  • Risk, cash flow & value across the entire development cycle
  • Pricing risk premiums: Dealing with political, currency & construction risks
  • Is there a role for public-private partnerships, and how do they sit with investors?
  • Accessing local financing options for renewable energy
  • Debt or equity? What’s the best way of getting your project funded?
  • Funding large scale vs. small scale projects
Matthew Sebonia, Lead Consultant, Southeast Asian Clean Energy Facility, European Climate Foundation
Apr 315:40
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Innovative renewable energy financing trends & their implications for Vietnam

  • Real alternatives to bank financing: What are they and who is using them?
  • Overview of green finance actors (banks, ESCOs and YieldCos) and instruments (green bond, EFT and green insurance) in the region
Apr 316:00
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Driving solar development in Vietnam: Perspective from BCG Energy

Minh Tuan Pham, Chief Operating Officer, Bamboo Capital
Apr 316:40
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Panel Discussion: Meeting Vietnam’s wind potential

  • Supporting wind deployment: What new incentives do we need to drive Vietnam’s wind energy generation forward?
  • Making policy clear
  • How much offshore wind potential is there in Vietnam, and are costs prohibitive?
  • Scaling up: How can we speed up wind deployment in Vietnam?
Moderator: Chi Mai Vu, Senior Officer, Project “Support to the Up-scaling of Wind Power”, GIZ
Apr 317:20
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Developer Perspectives Panel: Making wind work: Insights from successful wind developers

  • Overview of successful wind projects in Vietnam
  • Overcoming project bottlenecks: What do you need to be aware of?
  • Let’s talk money: What’s the investor appetite for wind projects in Vietnam?
  • Technology selection: Choosing and evaluating your turbines
  • How does the project landscape in Vietnam compare with other surrounding countries?
  • Successful market entry: How do you do it?

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Apr 409:10
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Guest-of-Honour Keynote Address: A roadmap for intelligent power grid development

  • Preliminary successes with automating grid operation and enhance grid reliability
  • Working to digitise the grid and implement demand side management and demand response
  • Integrating renewable energy into the modernised grid
  • Cementing Vietnam’s energy future
Apr 409:30
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Enabling integration: Grid integration development update

  • The current status of grid connection for approved renewable energy plants
  • The future plan to ensure successful grid integration for renewable projects
  • Key initiatives to safeguard grid stability with higher penetration of renewables
Apr 409:50
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Learning from international successes: Towards successful RE grid integratio

  • International grid integration success stories: What can Vietnam learn?
  • Technology transfer: What are the key technologies we need for effective RE grid integration?
  • Scaling RE grid integration at speed
  • Partnering for success: What do we need from a policy perspective?
Pablo Otin, Vice President, Emerging Markets, 8Minutenergy Renewables
Apr 411:30
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Building smart grids: Trends and challenges

  • Getting started with smart grids
  • What can Vietnam learn from similar international smart grid development experiences?
  • How much existing infrastructure needs to be upgraded to enable real smart grid development in Vietnam?
Tobias Cossen, Head Of Project �Support To The Up-scaling of Wind Power�, GIZ
Apr 411:50
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The smart city energy opportunity

  • Understanding the role of the utility & its partners in smart cities
  • Infrastructure developments necessary for success: Reworking the energy mix and distribution systems
  • Creating energy communities: Microgrid potential for effective smart city energy management
Barry Worthington, Executive Director, U.S. Energy Association
Apr 414:00
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Panel Discussion: Driving solar adoption at speed: Rooftop solar

  • The huge potential for rooftop solar in Vietnam and preliminary successes
  • Overcoming the major challenges: Combatting unclear grid code and lack of widespread smart metering
  • Getting large energy users on board
  • Creating power trading opportunities
Moderator: Quang Dung Trinh, Head Of Advisory Board, Linh Duong Group
Evan Scandling, Director of Advisory & Business Development, SEA, Allotrope Partners
Winnie Huynh, Executive, The Green Solutions
Kim Tuoc Huynh, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB)
Apr 414:40
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Case Study: Dong Nai

  • Introduction of Dong Nai and the energy industry at the province
  • Current achievements in energy efficiency, solar and renewable energy
  • Future strategies at Dong Nai
Dat Tran, Head of Energy, Department of Trade and Industry, Dong Nai
Apr 415:00
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Overcoming legal hurdles to driving solar rooftop adoption in Vietnam

Angus Mitchell, Partner, DFDL Vietnam Law Company Limited's Ho Chi Minh City Branch
Apr 415:20
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An Giang: Application of renewable energy and opportunities for partnership in agriculture and rural development

Minh Trang Nguyen, Project Manager, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Government of An Giang
Apr 415:40
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Integrating solar energy into the electricity distribution system

    oncerns when solar energy is integrated into the electricity distribution system:
  • Rooftop solar (1kW – 100kW)
  • Utility scale (connected to 22kV and 110kV line)
Viet Anh Truong, Professor, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
Apr 416:00
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One Million Green Homes

  • One Million Green Homes program introduction, rationale and potential benefits to Vietnam
  • Roadmap of the program implementation
  • Initial results of the program as of now and the future direction
Apr 416:20
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Innovative financing structures for renewable energy projects

  • How innovative financing structures from ADB helped realizing Thailand’s first wind and solar projects, and their relevance for Vietnam projects
  • Green bonds: Their current status of development regionally and will they disrupt RE project financing in Vietnam?
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