ECOPROGETTI produces and supplies complete turnkey lines and single equipment for the assembly of crystalline photovoltaic modules (starting from cells) of various levels of automation and capacity and, since the foundation in the 1998, we have had the pleasure to work with more than 400 customers worldwide. Our Headquarter is located in Carmignano di Brenta (PD), Italy, where we design, develop and produce directly all our equipment, and we have two subsidiaries as commercial offices, one is Ecoprogetti INDIA set in Mumbai, one is Ecoprogetti MEA (Middle East Africa) set in Dubai and one representative company on America and one in Turkey based in Istanbul. The subsidiaries follows the sales and On site training/Service/Assistance of all our equipment. All the design and assembly/construction is done in Italy in our headquarter next to Venice.
We normally provide our customers the FULL LINES, and we are able to support you with complete know-how transfer, with TRAINING, INSTALLATION on site, ASSISTANCE, SERVICE, SPARE PARTS and PROJECT DEVELOPMENT for your manufacturing line. The offered line is suitable not only for standard photovoltaic modules (glass-backsheet) but also for GLASS-GLASS modules both with 60 and 72 cells/modules. 
Ecoprogetti works according to three key words:
FLEXIBILITY: the adaptability of the machines/production line to customers' needs.
Ecoprogetti’s machines are extremely flexible and can work with different types of cells and raw materials in order to produce all kinds of photovoltaic modules including BIPV modules like glass-glass. The complete production line can be changed from one to another module type in less than 1 hour.
SIMPLICITY: the machines are very simple to use and do not require advanced ordinary or extraordinary maintenance and particular skilled human resources. All machines are equipped with internet connection for a quick and effective service.
MODULARITY: thanks to Ecoprogetti’s modular concept the customer can update the line in a very easy and cost-competitive way. It is possible to transform the line from a 20MW to a 100MW or more just by upgrading and working on the existing equipment.
Thanks to the experience in the photovoltaic industry and the continuous research of materials and manufacturing equipment, Ecoprogetti intends to promote a compatible development with the environment and in full respect of nature.
Starting from this ambitious project, Ecoprogetti is completely engaged in planning and building a future more compatible with nature and human life. This development is also in harmony  with the economic success and the economic sustainability of our customers.