Linh Thai | Senior Consultant
ERM Vietnam Company Limited

Linh Thai, Senior Consultant, ERM Vietnam Company Limited

Ms. Linh Thai is a Senior Social Consultant who has joined ERM Vietnam in December 2010. Linh Thai has eight-year experience in social consultation services and social and environmental management system development.  Linh got a solid understanding of Vietnam and Cambodia regulations and international requirements in respect to social management.  Linh has worked in the field for engagement with local authorities and local people in both urban and rural areas in different provinces in Vietnam and Cambodia for social impact assessment and development of social management plans including Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP) and Community Development Plan (CDP) in accordance with international requirements (e.g. International Financial Corporation-IFC and Asian Development Bank-ADB). 

Linh has also experience in conducting social compliance assessment/audit against IFC and ADB requirements at both the project sites and desk-based review. Linh has reviewed and provided advice for finalising a number of social management plans. In the time of engagement in ERM, she has involved in number of projects of onshore oil and gas (i.e. refinery and petrochemicals projects); power including thermal, hydropower, wind and solar energy and food and beverage, and healthcare sectors.

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