Victoria Whiting | Director of Education
Achievement Through Collaboration Trust

Victoria Whiting, Director of Education, Achievement Through Collaboration Trust

Vicky started her teaching career as a teacher of English and Drama, quickly becoming an advanced skills teacher and specialist leader of education in her early career.
She has since taught in secondary schools across  the Northwest of England for the last 20 years and has progressed through various roles  as school leader, executive leader and is now currently the Director of Education for ATC Trust. 

Vicky is also a performance coach, facilitator,  educational researcher, consultant and trainer and does a lot of work on school improvement in schools across the UK.
Most recently she has been working with the International Centre for Educational Enhancement , guided by the OECD’s vision 2030 work,  exploring what innovative curriculum models that create personalised learning and student agency look like around the world.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 11:30

Show & Tell - Reimagining education with the use of technology

  • Giving students opportunities to bring down walls and open doors on their own.
  • Providing opportunities for students to embrace a whole new suite of tools that they will have at their disposal for the rest of their education, which helps them push beyond average into exceptional.
  • Ensure our students are fully equipped with technological skills that will enable them to be agile, employable members of society.  
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