Get hands-on in these practical workshops on 10 October, ahead of the main conference on 11 and 12 October 2023

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MORNING WORKSHOPS - 10:00 to 12:00

Enhancing Your Curriculum: Games for Learning and Content Creation


Workshop Leader: Steve Isaacs,  Education Program Manager,  Epic Games

Games have been used widely over the years to provide opportunities for experiential learning in and out of the classroom. We have traveled across the United States in a covered wagon in "The Oregon Trail" to learn about westward expansion, learned about diplomacy through John Hunter's World Peace Game, participated in stock market simulations, and much more. In recent years, there has been a shift toward content creation in all areas of the curriculum using Game Technology with games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite Creative. In this workshop, participants will explore and research a variety of games and discuss ways they can be incorporated into their specific content areas. Participants will leave with concrete ideas for how they can incorporate games into their courses.

In this workshop, participants will:

•  Explore and research a variety of games

•  Discuss ways they can be incorporated into their specific content areas

•  Leave with concrete ideas for how they can incorporate games into their courses

Intended Audience: All school teachers, curriculum leaders, teachers and professional development leaders


Helping schools build a purposeful and manageable approach in their use of EdTech


Workshop Leader: Sarah Morgan,  Assistant Head Teacher and Training School Lead, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

Sarah will share her experience of working with schools across the UK and offer support to leaders in identifying the next step in their EdTech journey. Sarah will showcase the Naace Self-Review Framework to demonstrate how it can be used to support school improvement as well as assisting school leaders in creating a school vision that encompasses Educational Technology.

Features of this workshop:

•  To better understand how the SRF can support your institution with developing the use of EdTech

•  To help School Leaders and Subject Leaders support the whole school EdTech development

•  To allow attendees to see first-hand how the SRF works

Intended Audience: Senior leadership team and subject leaders (Computing/IT) in all phases of education


Unlocking the Power of AI in Education


Workshop Leader: Dina Foster,  Research Associate,  Educate Ventures Research

In this workshop, attendees will learn the basics of what artificial intelligence is, what it can do what it can’t do. They will learn how to make good decisions about whether and how to use AI within their educational practice.

The workshop will include practical activities aimed to help attendees identify where in their own institutions and practice, they might best embrace AI and how they might go about integrating some form of AI into their daily interactions with learners and colleagues.

The workshop will be framed around the seven steps of the AI. Readiness Framework an evidence-based approach that has been developed through decades of working with AI in an educational context. It will draw on the book AI for schoolteachers, written by the workshop speaker with her colleagues: headteacher Karine George and academic Dr Mutlu Cukurova.

The workshop and the book are not just aimed at school educators. Both are also applicable to educators across all sectors and useful for students too. This workshop is all about helping people to get a practical understanding of what AI is and the implications that AI brings to their particular context. Through this increased understanding, attendees will be better able to leverage AI for their own and their students’ benefit and avoid some of the inherent risks associated with AI technologies.

Workshop participants will:

•  Increased understanding of what AI is and what it is not

•  Increased understanding of what AI can and cannot do

•  Identification of a way that AI can be used in each attendees practice

Intended Audience: All Schools educators and leaders


AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS - 14:00 to 16:00

Inventure with MakeON 


Workshop Leaders:  Mirko Labbri ,  Teacher trainer, Digital Innovator, STEAM Teacher, Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior (TV) and Iro Koliaku, STEAM Director, Anatolia College

Using light, movement and sound participants will make wearables, walls and objects that come alive though conductive crafting and inventive play. No previous experience necessary, suitable for ages 6+, using visual “IKEA-like” directions. During this hands-on, social and stylish session participants will demo the new tool kit for facilitating project based learning experiences in the classroom. Discover how technology performs more like an art material, and less like science equipment so STEAM storytelling is now accessible, scalable, and universal!

Intended Audience: All Schools educators and leaders


Implementing Immersive Technologies for Teaching and Learning


Workshop Leader: Judith Vennix,  Program Manager, Hogeschool Rotterdam

Learn about the importance of VR as a learning experience for students and SWOT analysis of implementing VR in education and in an educational organisation.

Intended Audience: All Higher Education educators and leaders


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