Valéry Oude Groen | Teamlead, Student Development
Utrecht University

Valéry Oude Groen, Teamlead, Student Development, Utrecht University

Team leader Student Development
(University Administration/Corporate Offices) Utrecht University

This team consists of the subteams Career Services UU (career preparation and orientation students through faculty and interfaculty Career Officers and trainers, Career Days UU, trainings and workshops), Skills Lab (writing and study coaching for students through peer-to-peer coaching, thesis weeks, statistics tutoring) and work programme Student Wellbeing UU (Wellbeing Weeks, policy development student welfare, linking pin for local and national partners, steering guidance chain student advisors and Tutor Coordinators faculties). 

Total offer is above all for and by students, extra curricular focused on prevention and resilience, innovative and appropriate to students' wishes.

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EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 15:55

Panel - Mental health and wellbeing support for an improved learning experience

  • Cultivating awareness and support within campuses, for a proactive approach to student's mental health issues
  • Ensuring students aim at achieving a balance between workload and personal life, managing pressure and expectations
  • Providing onsite and digital mental health services and resources
last published: 22/Sep/23 02:45 GMT

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