Une Kaunaite | Director
Edu Vilnius

Une Kaunaite, Director, Edu Vilnius

Une Kaunaite is the director of EDU Vilnius, the Centre for Education Improvement in Vilnius. EDU Vilnius is responsible for improving education quality in the capital of Lithuania through various initiatives, including piloting and scaling innovative education practices in schools, improving teachers’ competences, attracting and training new teachers and school leaders and collecting necessary data to advice municipality for needed education policy changes. Previously, Ms. Kaunaite served as an advisor for education, science, culture and sports to the Prime Minister of Lithuania under XVII Government for four years. She has been a member of various committees and working groups, solving such questions as general curriculum reform, recognition of non-formal and informal learning or teacher training in Lithuania. Une Kaunaite holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Education from the University of Cambridge. She also is a writer, with four published novels.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 15:55

Panel - Hey, teacher, leave us kids alone! Innovative leadership styles that drive greater learner agency

  • Rethinking the skillset required to cultivate lifelong learners 

  • Using technology to deliver a personalised learning approach 

  • Building learner-driven assessment models 

last published: 06/Jun/23 14:25 GMT

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