Thomas Graham | Founder
MAD Courses

Thomas Graham, Founder, MAD Courses

Originally from the UK, Tom has spent the last 9 years of his life dedicated to creating meaningful education experiences in the Philippines. After authoring the book The Genius of the Poor (11,000 copies sold in English, French and Japanese) and featuring in a popular TEDx Talk by the same name, Tom established MAD (Make A Difference) Travel in 2014, and eventually MAD (Make A Difference) Courses in 2020. MAD Courses was an answer to schools’ need for continued engagement with local communities and grassroots solutions at the height of worldwide lockdowns, during the emergence of COVID-19. For the last 2 years, Tom has driven MAD Courses forward by incorporating emerging technology and collaborating with relevant partners.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 12:10

Show & Tell - Storytelling bringing students to thinking in systems

MAD (Make A Difference) Courses’ partners with remarkable communities and social entrepreneurs around the world, giving them a voice and platform to tell their stories - which in turn inspires and educates students worldwide. A pioneer in innovative edtech, we are using interactive video technology so learners can explore global issues, making decisions on where to go, who to meet and what questions to ask. These adventures prompt greater reflection and engagement around the issues presented. See:

The workshop will give unique insights on how to integrate sustainability education into different academic and non-academic curricula; impacting both students and local partners. Our workshop audience and participants will get a sneak peek into our newest Interactive adventure, set in a remote province in the Philippines.  The escape-room style video draws you in and teaches you about interconnected issues that exacerbate the effects of the climate crisis on a local community. We emphasise on investigation, empowering students and teachers to really understand an issue before taking informed action.

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