Sten Kapten | Education Innovation Advisor
Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia

Sten Kapten, Education Innovation Advisor, Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia

Sten Kapten’s work requires him to be informed of the prevalent trends in education within the broader context of the interplay between society and technology. He advises on current challenges and future trends in Estonia and abroad through his work with international partners. In terms of hands-on involvement, he currently heads and participates in work groups that deal with many of the challenging problems of our times in the domain. Beyond work in the Minister’s AI Council, which aims to identify and hasten the utilisation of opportunities for advancement in education that stem from developments in AI technology, he advises on topics ranging from the development of the local education technology ecosystem, personalising learning, and digitisation in education, to  teacher shortages, the direction of the Estonian education model, and the development of the Estonian Curricula of the Future among others. He has an academic background that encompasses philosophy, economics, educational sciences, and policy studies.


EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 2 @ 15:15

Panel – Regulating AI for education: the AI Act and beyond

  • Implications of the EU AI Act on educational technology within Europe
  • How policymakers and EdTech stakeholders can collaborate to ensure responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence in education
  • Guidance and support for education leaders operating on the front line in educational institutions  
last published: 24/May/24 09:55 GMT

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