Søren Vrist Christensen | Consultant, Lecturer and Pedagogical Coordinator
Marselisborg Gymnasium

Søren Vrist Christensen, Consultant, Lecturer and Pedagogical Coordinator, Marselisborg Gymnasium

Søren Vrist Christensen is a high school teacher and pedagogical coordinator at Marselisborg Gymnasium in Denmark. He prectice a very participatory didactic that highlights active learning based on contemporary digital approaches including agent-based modelling, EdTech, gamification, flipped classroom and different blended learing methods.

Working as a teaching consultant, he has given countless presentations at education conferences in Denmark and abroad and to both private-owned and public organizations and firms in recent years about his teaching practices. In addition, he does lectures and workshops for high school and university teachers on how to easily integrate digital tools to create student-activating teaching.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 14:30

Show & Tell - Student-activating teaching - this is how you do it!

Looking for practical methods that will improve student engagement in flipped classrooms? Curious about EdTech innovations and agent-based modelling that will motivate students in their lessons? This presentation will offer suggestions for your daily teaching practice. I will be showcasing how I organize my daily teaching in Danish high school, where things like EdTech, flipped-classroom, CT and so on are a very common and integral part of what students meet every day. In my teaching, I try to give my students the main role and motivate them. For me, the most important thing is that students are constantly active and contribute, and the use of digital solutions is absolutely crucial to my way of teaching. In this presentation, I will talk about my overall approach to teaching and show a number of hands-on examples from my own modules on the application of agent-based modeling, EdTech and gamification.    

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