Praneschen (Che) Govender | Lecturer, VR/AR in Education
Hotelschool The Hague

Praneschen (Che) Govender, Lecturer, VR/AR in Education, Hotelschool The Hague

I have experience in research, design and facilitation of VR/AR experiences and managing immersive technology projects for integrating within higher education. I am a proponent of learning how to learn and self-directed learning as a future skill for reskilling in light of societal changes in technological times. In addition, I have a background in organisational development interventions in leadership development, management of change and diversity and hold a PhD in Psychology.  I am passionate about edTech innovation in the tertiary education sector and beyond.


Pre-Conference Workshops @ 15:00

W1 - Introducing immersive technologies into education: a change management perspective

A case study of how immersive technologies have been introduced into higher education institutions. We will look at the process of developing a vision and strategy for the organisation, gathering support from leadership, creating an ecosystem of suppliers and partners and working effectively with stakeholders.

We will discuss the creation of a culture of continuous experimentation as well as how to build a community of XR trainers and training resources that plug into an immersive learning network. We will also cover strategic communication, obtaining funding and dealing with resistance. 

The session will also cover hardware and software options, content creation and provide participants with experiences of immersive technology prototypes in education.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop a vision and strategy for integrating immersive technologies your organisation   
  • Learn to build a community of XR trainers, integrating training resources into an immersive learning network   
  • Explore hardware and software options, content creation methods, and engage in hands-on experiences with immersive technology prototypes in education

Intended audience: Educational innovators and tinkerers, educators and faculty, educational leaders, program managers, IT managers

EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 2 @ 14:20

Panel – The effective learner

  • Evolution of learner preferences and behaviours across generations and fostering autonomy and self-driven learning
  • The role of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills in effective learning
  • How to leverage interest-driven learning to engage students
last published: 22/Apr/24 08:35 GMT

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