Olivian Saldinger-Marinof | Primary ICT Teacher and Technology Curriculum Coordinator
Verita International School

Olivian Saldinger-Marinof, Primary ICT Teacher and Technology Curriculum Coordinator, Verita International School

Originally from Suceava, in the northeastern part of Romania, Oly has discovered his passion for working with children soon after graduating from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance with a B.A. in Sociology. With 10 years experience in private education, he has spent the last 5 developing a comprehensive, adaptable and modern curriculum for ICT at the primary school level, using data-driven and classroom-informed practices as well as internationally acclaimed resources to create engaging, meaningful lessons for the IT expert of tomorrow.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 11:10

Show & Tell - Designing and implementing "living curricula" for primary ICT

Technology is a living field, expanding and evolving every day. It is increasingly difficult to keep up and maintain an up-to-date technology curriculum    

Through data informed decision-making, and a skillset based approach, rather than a software-specific one, we can design adaptable technology curricula that are fit for the times

Students benefit from an up-to-date, relevant technology curriculum that provides them with usable, future-proofed skills

last published: 22/Sep/23 02:45 GMT

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