Mirko Labbri | Teacher Trainer, Digital Innovator, STEAM Teacher
Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior (TV)

Mirko Labbri, Teacher Trainer, Digital Innovator, STEAM Teacher, Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior (TV)

Mirko Labbri teaches math, science and STEAM methods to K6-K8 students in middle school in the North of Italy at the Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior not far from Venice. He has previous experience in teaching in high school, adult education courses and University for a total of 25 years. An entusiast in applying science and technology in learning contexts, he is ever curious of the pros and cons of new methodologies. He is an active teachers' trainer, locally, at regional, and national levels. A Scientix Ambassador, the community for Science Education in Europe, he is a member of the Executive Board of EASE, the European Network of STEAM Educators, actively organising STEAM Summits and Conferences.


Pre-Conference Workshops @ 15:00

W2 - From board to web: connecting electronics to online learning

Open-source hardware platform allows students to design interactive electronic projects and connect them to online learning experiences.

We begin with a demonstration of building a simple circuit and explain core concepts like inputs, outputs, and coding syntax. And then we move to more advanced projects that link physical devices to digital content. For example, code a circuit with a temperature sensor and have it trigger/display online learning assets about weather or best ambient conditions when certain thresholds are met.

Next, projects that collect analog sensor data and upload it to a cloud database or learning management system for analysis, visualisation, and data-driven lessons. We explore patterns over time.

Meanwhile, we discuss how boards and sensors are meaningful to gain hands-on experience with core STEAM concepts like circuits, coding, and data collection authentically and creatively. They open doors for personalised, project-based blended learning models. Projects are interactive, motivate learning, and link the physical world to online platforms.

The audience will be able to try a sample mini-project, ask questions, and discuss ways to incorporate these ideas into their own classrooms or maker spaces. Emphasise how Arduino The goal is to inspire educators to think of new ways hands-on circuits and electronics can enhance online instruction when paired with platforms like Arduino. Focus on engagement, real-world applications, and bridging the digital-physical divide.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how open-source hardware platforms can be used to design interactive electronic projects and connect them to online learning experiences.
  • Learn techniques for building simple circuits with inputs and outputs and connecting them to data collection and online content through coding and programming.
  • Experience sample project ideas that integrate open-source hardware, sensors and programming to teach STEAM concepts in an authentic, hands-on manner like exploring weather patterns over time.
  • Acquire strategies for developing personalised, blended learning models that bridge the physical-digital divide through hands-on circuits and data-driven online exercises.
  • Discuss approaches for incorporating open-source hardware into classroom activities and maker spaces to enhance student engagement, and motivation and link real-world applications to online instruction.

The outcomes focus on both technical skills and pedagogical strategies, with an emphasis on interactive, authentic learning through open-source hardware across online and physical domains.

Intended audience: Schools educators, active or with a keen interest in teaching STEAM/STEM subjects

Some secondary audiences include:

  • University/ college instructors of engineering, technology, and science courses
  • Maker space facilitators or coordinators
  • Instructional designers supporting online/blended curriculum
  • Administrators looking to enhance STEAM programs
  • Non-profit educators exploring hands-on project-based learning

EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 15:00

Panel – Sparking creative-IT: harnessing technology to foster creative learners

  • Unconventional uses of EdTech to encourage artistic expression
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality: stepping into the realm of imagination
  • Balancing screen time with hands-on creative experiences
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