Mads Lyngby Skrubbeltrang | Rector
Oerstad Gymnasium

Mads Lyngby Skrubbeltrang, Rector, Oerstad Gymnasium

1999-2006: University of Aarhus, Denmark. Master of the Arts, English and Film and Media studies.
2006-2014: teacher in High School, English and Media Studies, Copenhagen.
2014-2016: lower part executive, Høng High School, Denmark.
2016-2017: lower part executive, Aasiaat High School, Greenland.
2017-2020: Principal. Høng High School, Denmark.
2020- : Principal. Ørestad High School Denmark.
My aim is to use creativity and innovation to educate the students and prepare them for  further studies. It is important that the students control the technique and use the virtual possibilities to be empowered and not to let the technique use the students. The technical options should make way for student products that can be communicated to others - so that there is always an aspect of communication involved with teaching in a digital environment. Furthermore, the technique should be used to enhance the sense of community. To make creativity more visible.


EDUtech Europe 2022 Conference Day 1 @ 12:05

Panel: How technology is shaping education delivery

  • Delivering personalised learning and support via technology
  • Improving student engagement
  • The value of dedicated leadership to support and drive meaningful and considered use of technology
last published: 24/May/22 09:45 GMT

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