Lennard Ameys | STEM Trainer and Product Designer
De Creatieve STEM

Lennard Ameys, STEM Trainer and Product Designer, De Creatieve STEM

Lennard Ameys, STEM Trainer and Product Designer, De Creatieve STEM and Member, EASE - European Association of STEAM Educators, Belgium

Lennard Ameys is an Industrial Product Design, graduated at Howest (B) in 2018. Next to his formals training as a designer, he also obtained a formal teacher's training at IVO in Bruges. He also graduated at the interantional FabAcademy and is a certified trainer within the academy at the Belgian node Ingegno Maker Space. 

Lennard first came into contact with the fablab community while writing his bachelor thesis. In collaboration with the Creative STEM vzw, he researched how children can go through the most productive brainstorming session. After his research, he worked on a brainstorming method tailored to children. All this applied to the design of a Rube Goldbergh machine. Since February 2019, Lennard has been working as a workshop supervisor and STEAM trainer at the Creative STEM vzw. As a designer, he therefore wants to teach certain design methods and technical skills to the next generation. He is an expert in digital design techniques (CAD). Within the Girls in STEM project, Lennard also built up relevant experience in de-gendering making and AR skills. Lennard has built up substantial experience in working with newcomers and young people with a migration background in collaborations with SkillsLab and iDrops vzw. He is a high level trainer within FabZero (FabZero.eu) and responsible of technical trainings within the project MaakBib. 

He is  co-founder of deboeje, a designers' collective in Bruges. As a former group leader with the scouts, under the totem name Mindful Orang Utan, he has extensive experience working with young people from all kinds of backgrounds. Lennard speaks fluent Dutch and English, and understandable French.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 12:10

Show & Tell - Making Space for informal learning: MaakBib.be & FabZero.eu.

Digital fabrication and prototyping as catalysts for an active STEAM education where users can learn as they create.

With roots grounded deeply in the maker movement, we present the best practices of the MaakBib STEM partnership and FabZero.eu. For both, technology is the catalyst for active STEM learning and the informal character is accented by innovation and entrepreneurship across disciplines.

last published: 22/Sep/23 02:45 GMT

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