Laura Knight | Director of Digital Learning
Berkhamsted School

Laura Knight, Director of Digital Learning, Berkhamsted School

Laura Knight is Director of Digital Learning at Berkhamsted School, U.K. She has been working as a teacher for twenty years and is responsible for leading the strategic development of technology for teaching and learning, staff training in digital skills, and online safeguarding. Laura is a disruptive thinker, keynote speaker, coach, and consultant, and is passionate about creative problem-solving. She supports leaders with exploring the art of the possible, and leverages technology to improve outcomes, equity, systems, and teams. Laura works with the Independent Schools Council Digital Advisory Group, and is a member of a national cross-sector working group on AI in education, with a keen interest in digital wellbeing, safeguarding and regulation. She has also recently worked as an expert advisor to international governments on educational policy.


Pre-Conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W3] 10 Oct (PM) - Future school: new intersections between humanity and technology

This session is a high-level, thought-provoking exploration of the present and the future, which will engage attendees in discussion about the potential impacts of AI on the evolution of education. It is suitable for decision-makers and leaders in education and technology.


In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Values and purpose: A human-focused call to arms for school leadership
  • Key concepts in the AI Revolution: agency, creativity, truth, integrity, and trust
  • AI opportunities, benefits, risks, and challenges: Preparing the road for the child, or the child for the road?
  • Redefining excellence: What does positive disruption look like with AI? What is our next milestone?


Intended audience: All school leaders

EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 14:00

Keynote - The leader's guide to artificial intelligence in education: are you ready for the AI revolution?


  • Developing a plan for implementing AI in your schools and universities
  • Managing risks and leveraging benefits: identifying the wins
  • Investing in educator training to use AI effectively in your institutions
  • Agility in fast changing times: monitoring the impact of AI on learning
  • EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 15:30

    Panel - Principles on how to regulate AI, to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities

    • An overview of how countries around the world regulate artificial intelligence 

    • Finding the sweet spot between allowing freedom of enterprise and protecting rights of citizens 

    • The impact of AI regulatory policies on the education system 

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