John Doherty | Director of Digital Learning
Wycombe Abbey School

John Doherty, Director of Digital Learning, Wycombe Abbey School

John Doherty is the Director of Digital Learning at Wycombe Abbey School, a leading girls boarding school in the UK. He leads the digital strategy and direction of digital learning at the school and support the development of the digital strategy at Wycombe Abbey’s international sister schools. He is an experienced digital skills trainer, specialising in courses which inculde areas such as: Artificial Intelligence; Micrsoft for Education and Google for Education.   John's academic background includes a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Management from the University of Nottingham. Throughout his career, John has been at the forefront of adopting and implementing cutting-edge digital tools and platforms to enhance learning. In his previous role he was Head of Virtual School at St Christopher’s School, Bahrain. He has successfully led the transition to hybrid and virtual learning models, ensuring seamless integration of online education.  John has been instrumental in professional development for teaching staff, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to new technologies. His initiatives include workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions, empowering educators to effectively incorporate digital tools into their teaching methodologies.  John is a thought leader in digital education and AI, he regularly contributes to educational forums and publications, sharing insights on digital pedagogy, e-learning trends, and best practices in technology integration.   John's vision for the future of digital learning is centered around creating inclusive, accessible, and engaging educational environments that leverage technology to cater to diverse learning needs. His commitment to excellence in digital education has not only elevated the standard of learning at his institution but has also positioned him as a pivotal figure in shaping the future of digital learning in the UK's educational landscape. 


EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 17:00

Fireside chat – All I do is win: EdTech’s role in fast-tracking student success

  • Transcending the limitations of traditional teaching methods with EdTech
  • Maximising student engagement and optimising learning outcomes
  • How AI relieves teacher’s workload to focus on what really matters
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