Iro Koliakou | STEM Coordinator
Anatolia College

Iro Koliakou, STEM Coordinator, Anatolia College

Iro Koliaku, STEAM Director, Αnatolia College, and Executive Board Member, EASE - European Association of STEAM Educators, Greece

Dr. Iro Koliakou is the STEAM Director  of Αnatolia College. She coordinates EU funded projects in Anatolia College related to STEAM education and teaches Physics in Anatolia College Highschool. She is a member of the instructional staff of the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Greece, an ambassador for Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, a member of the executive board of European STEAM educators association.

Her latest work includes development of the Steaming the future project, aiming to promote inclusion in STEAM, evaluation and content creation as a leading teacher in the European Commission Joint Research Centre project on 3Rs in animal testing, evaluation of the ARETE project that aims to test the usefulness of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in education and development on digital content for Science on Stage Europe related to STEM education. She is an active member of the networks Greek Women in STEM and Real Science, promoting inclusion in STEM. Dr Iro Koliakou has published more than 15 papers in Scientific Journals and has participated in STEM training in European centers such as CERN, ESA, EMBL and European SchoolNet"


Pre-Conference Workshops @ 14:00

[W1] 10 Oct (PM) - Inventure with MakeON: making STEAM learning accessible

Using light, movement and sound participants will make wearables, walls and objects that come alive though conductive crafting and inventive play. No previous experience necessary, suitable for ages 6+, using visual “IKEA-like” directions. During this hands-on, social and stylish session participants will demo the new tool kit for facilitating project based learning experiences in the classroom. Discover how technology performs more like an art material, and less like science equipment so STEAM storytelling is now accessible, scalable, and universal!

Intended audience: All school educators and leaders

EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 1 @ 10:30

Show & Tell - Steaming the future - promoting inclusion and resilience through STEAM

STEAMing the future aims to promote inclusion in the STEAM field through a multidimensional educational platform that combines online and in-person courses, lesson plans and guidelines. Activites include in the platform  will be presented that use  real world STE(A)M problems  and social and emotional learning in order to culture Empathy,Resilience and Creative thinking in the classroom.

We Are Europe - STEAM and Sustainable development Education 

We Are Europe SD responds to the needs of children and educators by offering a variety of complementary learning solutions that use active learning methodologies, game-based learning, storytelling, among others, that have the potential to: engage children,address more complex concepts in a comprehensive manner, namely by using storytelling, contribute to the development of other XXI century and basic competencies, like literacy, teamwork, social competences,ICT skills, include children with mild learning difficulties, as the array of learning solutions offered comprises inclusive approaches.

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