Ingo Kleiber | Senior Expert for Digital Education and Educational Technology
University of Cologne

Ingo Kleiber, Senior Expert for Digital Education and Educational Technology, University of Cologne

Ingo Kleiber studied English, political science, and economics at Heidelberg University, pursuing a teaching degree. After previously working at the Heidelberg School of Education, he is now a Senior Expert for Digital Education and Educational Technology at the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Studies of the University of Cologne. He is currently also pursuing his Ph.D. at the intersection of corpus/computational linguistics and foreign language teaching.


EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 2 @ 13:35

Digital education competencies @UoC – a comprehensive and competency-based approach to (post-) digital education

  • Based on our project “Digital Education Competencies @ UoC,” we will demonstrate how a comprehensive approach to (post-)digital education as well as a competency framework can be used as the foundation for designing a series of innovative (self-paced) learning experiences
  • How to design self-paced and competency-based learning experiences from a conceptual, e-learning, and e-assessment perspective. In doing so, we will also address the role of generative AI for both Learning Experience Design and assessment of, e.g., portfolios    
  • We will discuss challenges related to teaching and acquiring (post-)digital education competencies. These include, e.g., dealing with rapidly changing and increasingly inter- and trans-disciplinary subjects and learners with a broad range of previous experiences
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