Guillermo Holman | Directeur-Bestuurder
SWV PO De Meierij

Guillermo Holman, Directeur-Bestuurder, SWV PO De Meierij

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act! As CEO we try to include as many kids as possible in the regular schoolsystem. We see it as a fundamental right to grow up with alle the childeren out of your own neighboorhood, it has been proven that kids don't see the differences that we as adults see. Everybody wants to be special in the end, just by being  normal. For  decisionmakers like us, we should quetstion ourselves which choices we make, and morese which oppurtunities we create to include kids in all systems. These oppurtnunities can be found in excellent teaching skills, housing and technical oppurtnuties.  In the regio of North-Brabant annd Gelderland we are responsible to support of special needs of  27 00 chileeren in the age group 0f 4-12. Looking foward to bring this perspective into the discussion! 


EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 11:00

Panel – Rethinking the purpose of education

  • Between changing societies and new opportunities opened by tech developments, is the education sector in need of radical reforms? 
  • What are the skills and competencies that the education systems should provide learners with throughout their lives? 
  • Addressing inclusivity and accessibility in education to ensure all learners have equal opportunities
last published: 24/May/24 09:55 GMT

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