Fabiane Candido Mariano Recker | Grade 2 teacher and grade team leader
Berlin Metropolitan school

Fabiane Candido Mariano Recker, Grade 2 teacher and grade team leader, Berlin Metropolitan school

I am an International educator passionate about leveraging technology and innovative methodologies to shape the future of education.    I've honed my skills at the intersection of education and technology. My journey has been driven by a relentless pursuit of empowering educators and students fostering an inclusive and forward-thinking learning environment.    Through experiences as a PYP Homeroom Teacher at international schools in Germany and Chile, I've cultivated a deep understanding of inquiry-based learning, personalized instruction, and curriculum development. I've thrived in implementing technology-infused teaching methods, witnessing a palpable surge in student engagement and inquiry-driven learning outcomes.    My ethos revolves around inclusivity, innovation, and continuous growth. I firmly believe in creating equitable educational experiences and leveraging cutting-edge tools to amplify learning opportunities for all learners.     


EDUtech Europe 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 16:55

Navigating language horizons: tech-infused english teaching in primary classrooms with UDL magic

  • Understanding of UDL principles and their application    
  • Identification and overcoming of barriers    
  • Toolkit for inclusive education: technology resources, strategies, and best practices for creating a vibrant, inclusive english learning environment
last published: 24/May/24 09:55 GMT

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