Chris O'Reilly | Director of Studies UK
OneSchool Global

Chris O'Reilly, Director of Studies UK, OneSchool Global

I am the Director of Studies (Secondary) and Digital Lead for the UK region of OneSchool Global, We are an organisation that utilises Zoom and hybrid learning throughout the school with a key focus on students learning how to be self-directed. My background is in senior leadership in both the state and independent sector and I am strong advocate for promoting student agency and supporting inquisitive students through the development of their problem solving and self-directed learning skills. My teaching background is in maths but coming from a Biomechanics and Engineering background I am a strong believer in using context and problem based learning to promote engagement and develop higher order thinking.


EDUtech Europe 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 10:30

Show & Tell - Combining digital tools to develop student agency

The audience will see how to bring a range of tools together effectively - Achieved by demonstrating how we use a combination of tools (eg. Canvas, zoom, OneNote, Brittanica, GCSEPod etc) to facilitate self directed learning at our schools    

The audience will see both the student and teacher experience - Achieved by delivering the session as a teacher with colleagues set up remotely as the students

The audience will see how development of student agency can be planned into every aspect of the learning and supported by the tools - Achieved by signposting throughout the presentation 

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