Böxie is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) assistant developed by ClassInTheBox, designed to enhance educational experiences through video content. This innovative tool aims to support both teachers and students by facilitating a more interactive and efficient learning environment. For educators, Böxie offers functionalities like generating self-assessable tasks and automating student evaluations. It simplifies the organization of video content by employing AI to categorize and search through hundreds of videos in the Inspira Gallery, including searching within videos, their pins, tags, and even audio, while also providing access to all digital resources contained within the video.

For students, Böxie acts as an interactive tool that aids in understanding video content better and enables the completion of AI-based tasks automatically. It allows students to ask comprehension questions in a chat-like interface and automatically generates questions that students identify and tag in the video. This assistant evaluates the students' work and scores it automatically, offering teachers comprehensive reports on tool usage, student performance, common questions, and areas of difficulty.

Böxie is particularly designed to be effective in educational settings, emphasizing the importance of using videos with clear narration and audio-based information, while advising against videos that rely solely on instrumental music or visual-only information. As an AI tool, Böxie represents a step forward in the educational technology sector, promising to enhance the teaching and learning experience through the thoughtful integration of AI.


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