5 - 6 October 2022 - RAI Amsterdam

Inspiration in Education

Coming to Europe in 2022

Technology is changing how we learn, what we learn and where we learn. Accelerated by the pandemic; schools, universities and educators around the world are actively engaged in seeking ideas, inspiration and solutions.

In October 2022 EDUtech is coming to Europe. Leading minds in education from across Europe will be presenting stories, showcasing innovation and inspiring educators across the region. Plus, the very best EdTech solution providers will be demonstrating the latest technology innovations that are changing the way education is delivered.

Join us and accelerate a change in education across Europe.






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5 stages packed with inspiration, ideas and innovation


K12 leaders

For those driving change in K12 Schools. Debate the future of schools, how technology is facilitating a change in education delivery and how all of this change affects your staff and students

Higher Ed leaders

What does the university of the future look like? How is technology changing delivery, assessment and student experience? And how can you protect the wellbeing of your students and faculty?


As technology adoption explodes in education the role of the CIO has expanded and become way more strategic. How do you build your tech stack so that it is scalable, agile and secure?

Hybrid learning

Is the future of learning hybrid, remote or blended? What impact does this have on curriculum, classrooms and student engagement? Is your learning management system helping or hindering learning?

Classroom tech

How can you create an inclusive and engaging STEAM programme? How is AR, VR and Ai transforming the learning experience? And how can educators leverage data and analytics?

Our 2022 Speaker Line-up



  • Pierre Boulet at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Pierre Boulet
    Vice President of Digital Transformation
    University of Lille
  • John Domingue at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    John Domingue
    Director Of Kmi, Faculty Of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    The Open University
  • Liz Free at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Liz Free
    CEO and Director
    International School Rheintal
  • Mads Lyngby Skrubbeltrang at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Mads Lyngby Skrubbeltrang
    Oerstad Gymnasium
  • Michael McGlade at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Michael McGlade
    Director of Educational Technology
    International School of Amsterdam
  • Snježana Prijić-Samaržija at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Snježana Prijić-Samaržija
    Madam Rector
    University of Rijeka
  • Pernille Rydén at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Pernille Rydén
    Dean of Education
    I.T. University of Copenhagen
  • Lisa Timm at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Lisa Timm
    Director of STEAM & Innovation
    North London Collegiate School
  • Dr. Ellen van Schoten at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Dr. Ellen van Schoten
    Erasmus university
  • Willem van Valkenburg at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Willem van Valkenburg
    Executive Director Extension School
    Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
  • Cristina Albuquerque at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Cristina Albuquerque
    Vice Rector, Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Prospective Students
    University of Coimbra
  • Helena Maria Baptista Alves at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Helena Maria Baptista Alves
    Vice Rector - Teaching, Academic Affairs and Employability
    University of Beira Interior
  • Michael Brooke at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Michael Brooke
    Director of Technology / Deputy Principal
    St Julian’s School
  • Daragh Comerford at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Daragh Comerford
    Director of Learning Technologies
    Munich International School
  • Kristen Cuppen at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Kristen Cuppen
    Department Mechatronics, Tilburg
    ROC Tilburg
  • Carlos Delgado Kloos at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Carlos Delgado Kloos
    Vice Rector for Strategy and Digital Education
    University Carlos III de Madrid
  • Konstantinos Doukas at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Konstantinos Doukas
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Doukas School
  • Cécile Doyen at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Cécile Doyen
    Head of Professional Learning & Development
    Council of International Schools
  • Martin Ebner at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Martin Ebner
    Head of Educational Technology
    Graz University of Technology
  • Alain Goudey at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Alain Goudey
    Chief Digital Officer
    NEOMA Business School
  • Anne-May Janssen at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Anne-May Janssen
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Aurélien Krejbich at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Aurélien Krejbich
    Executive Director
    The European University of Social Sciences
  • David Markus at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    David Markus
    Upper School Principal
    Zurich International School
  • Manel Jiménez Morales at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Manel Jiménez Morales
    Vice-Rector for Educational Transformation, Culture and Communication
    Pompeu Fabra University
  • Emma Oliver at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Emma Oliver
    Head of Teaching and Learning
    Thomas's Battersea
  • Greta Sakalauskaitė at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Greta Sakalauskaitė
    ICT Coordinator & Teacher
    Vilnius Antakalnis Progimnation
  • Clemmie Stewart at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Clemmie Stewart
    Director of Learning and Teaching
    Chatsworth Schools
  • Dr Vesa Taatila at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Dr Vesa Taatila
    Rector And President
    Turku University Of Applied Sciences
  • Aune Valk at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Aune Valk
    Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    University of Tartu
  • Jose Martinez Vicente at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Jose Martinez Vicente
    Director Técnico (Educativo)
    El Limonar International School Villamartin
  • Sarah Wilton at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Sarah Wilton
    Executive Board Member
    Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Bernadette Carmody at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Bernadette Carmody
    International School of Amsterdam
  • Rynette de Villiers at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Rynette de Villiers
    Amsterdam International Community School
  • Rachel Evans at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Rachel Evans
    Director of Digital Learning & Innovation
    Wimbledon High School
  • Michael Jäckel at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Michael Jäckel
    University Of Trier
  • Pekka Kähkipuro at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Pekka Kähkipuro
    University of Tampere
  • Sarah Morgan at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Sarah Morgan
    Danesfield School
  • Alojzy Z. Nowak at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Alojzy Z. Nowak
    University of Warsaw
  • Micha Pallesche at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Micha Pallesche
    Ernst Reuter School
  • Niels Pinkwart at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Niels Pinkwart
    Vice President for Teaching and Studies
    Humboldt University Berlin
  • Armando Pires at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Armando Pires
  • Sandra Soares at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Sandra Soares
    Vice-Rector for Education
    University of Aveiro
  • Fiona Strawbridge at EDUtech_Europe 2022
    Fiona Strawbridge
    Head Of Digital Education
    University College London


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