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EDUtech Europe is not just about speeches and presentations; it's about dialogue and collaboration. It's about forging connections and partnerships that will drive meaningful change in education. It's about sharing insights and experiences that will inspire and empower all educators to be the change-makers the sector needs.






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What you can expect at EDUtech Europe 2024



A 2-day conference with over 300 inspiring speakers covering the pressing topics on the minds of educators today – including digital strategy, generative AI, teacher training, pedagogy for digital learning, sustainability, cyber-security, and digital divide.



A multi-brand exhibition hosting over 200 of the world's leading education technology players showcasing cutting-edge EdTech solutions and featuring the most innovative start-ups across the region.



Networking is at the intersection of all that we do: the Showcase, the Learning, the Fun. Exchange ideas, build brand, form partnerships, grow your professional network, explore the future and uncover new opportunities before, during and after the event.




Earn up to 15.45 hours of CPD points


Who should attend EDUtech Europe 2024


Schools & Higher Education Institutions

Bring your teaching and support staff to EDUtech Europe. They will get better understanding of the most pressing issues on the minds of educators, and hear from experts from across Europe on how to overcome challenges and explore opportunities


Governments & Policymakers

How can policymakers support best outcomes for learners and drive meaningful change in education? From best legislation practices on tech development, to addressing the requirements of educators, discuss with colleagues from across the region how to accelerate in change in education


Solution Providers

Are you looking for the right platform to showcase your innovative ideas to the world? EDUtech Europe 2024 provides the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your brand and reach out to senior educators who need your services the most.


Addressing key themes for leaders and educators, showcasing best practice and case studies from across the region and beyond


Artificial Intelligence
How we learn
Pedagogy for teaching and learning
Lifelong learning
Wellbeing & Safeguarding
Campus Management
Accessibility and Inclusion

Featured 2024 speakers include  


  • Manuel Bordoy Verchili at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Manuel Bordoy Verchili
    Deputy Secretary-General
    European Schools
    Emelie Hahn at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Emelie Hahn
    Lead teacher and author
    Gränbyskolan, Uppsala municipality
  • Mirko Labbri at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Mirko Labbri
    Teacher Trainer, Digital Innovator, STEAM Teacher
    Istituto Comprensivo di San Fior (TV)
    Oly Saldinger-Marinof at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Oly Saldinger-Marinof
    Primary ICT Teacher and Technology Curriculum Coordinator
    Verita International School
  • Joana Simas at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Joana Simas
    Global Head of EdTech Implementation
    Inspired Education
    Gül Akcaova at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Gül Akcaova
    Lead futurist
  • Beatrix Busse at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Beatrix Busse
    Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies and Chief Development Officer of EUniWell
    University of Cologne
    Laura Knight at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Laura Knight
    Director of Digital Learning
    Berkhamsted School
  • Yusuf Ibrahim at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Yusuf Ibrahim
    Assistant Principal - Academic Studies, Foundation and Adult Learning
    Cardiff and Vale College
    David Kalisz at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    David Kalisz
    Dean of Expert Programs
    Paris School of Business
  • Noha M. Abdelmonem at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Noha M. Abdelmonem
    Digital learning designer (Generative AI)
    University of Helsinki-Global Campus
    Valéry Oude Groen-van Rijswijk at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Valéry Oude Groen-van Rijswijk
    Teamlead Student Development
    Utrecht University
  • Pedro Manuel Tavares Lopes de Andrade Saraiva at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Pedro Manuel Tavares Lopes de Andrade Saraiva
    NOVA University of Lisbon
    Willem van Valkenburg at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Willem van Valkenburg
    Executive Director Extension School
    Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • Daren White at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Daren White
    Academic Technologies Lead
    Academies Enterprise Trust
    Fraser Carson at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Fraser Carson
    Chair of the Teaching and Learning Council
    LUNEX university
  • Une Kaunaite at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Une Kaunaite
    EDU Vilnius
    Mohammed Zee Mirza at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Mohammed Zee Mirza
    Head Of Technology
    The British School of Amsterdam
  • Amy Hollier at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Amy Hollier
    Director of Production
    King's College London
    Claire LaBeaux at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Claire LaBeaux
    Chief Advancement Officer
    NASEF (Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations)
  • Abid Patel at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Abid Patel
    IT Director
    Newham Community Learning
    Marije Goudriaan at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Marije Goudriaan
    Coordinator Data Platform Learning Analytics
    Utrecht University
  • Madhumalti Sharma at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Madhumalti Sharma
    Executive Board Member EASE, Founder and President Workshop4Me a.s.b.l.
    EASE- European Association of STEAM Educators
    Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Lluís Alfons Ariño Martín
    Digital Strategist
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Miles Berry at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Miles Berry
    Professor of Computing Education, School of Education
    Roehampton University
    Emma Darcy at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Emma Darcy
    Director of Technology for Learning
    Denbigh High School
  • Catarina Ferreira at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Catarina Ferreira
    Mathematics & Science Teacher and Tech Coach Senior School
    PaRK International School
    Matt Manfredi at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Matt Manfredi
    Head of School/ Director
    Sandnes International School
  • Teemu Patala at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Teemu Patala
    Principal & Founding Partner
    Airport College International
    Louise Rowland at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Louise Rowland
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Ufi VocTech Trust
  • Andreia Salgueiro at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Andreia Salgueiro
    Tech Coach
    PaRK International School
    Tobias Michael Scholz at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Tobias Michael Scholz
    Associate Professor for Academic Esports
    University Of Agder
  • Joao Silveira at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Joao Silveira
    Head of Creativity & Innovation | Learning Design Executive
    IFP School | Axens Academy
    Jonathan Butcher at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jonathan Butcher
    SS Digital Learning Coordinator & Data Manager
    British School of Milan
  • John Doherty at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    John Doherty
    Director of Digital Learning
    Wycombe Abbey School
    Nicola Gunn at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Nicola Gunn
    Academic Director Digital Education
    University of Birmingham
  • Gemma Gwilliam at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Gemma Gwilliam
    Head of Digital Learning, Education and Innovation and Strategic Lead
    Portsmouth: the Digital City Project
    Kayleigh Hunt at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Kayleigh Hunt
    Technology Innovation Manager
    National Star
  • Rasmus Johnsen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Rasmus Johnsen
    Vice Dean Lifelong Learning
    Copenhagen Business School
    Timothy Kelley at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Timothy Kelley
    ISS Director
    International School Stuttgart, Degerloch Campus
  • Kristina Lillemets at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Kristina Lillemets
    Chief Digital Officer
    University of Tartu
    Vikki Liogier at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Vikki Liogier
    EdTech & Education Digital Capability Consultant
    Vikki Liogier
  • Georgios Mesazos at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Georgios Mesazos
    Deputy Head
    Prague British International School
    Fidelis Nzonzo Nthenge at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Fidelis Nzonzo Nthenge
    Director of Curriculum Development
    International Baccalaureate Organisation
  • Luuk Terbeek at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Luuk Terbeek
    Projectleader AI in Education
    VU Amsterdam
    George Tsarsitalidis at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    George Tsarsitalidis
    Head of English Department/ Educational Consultant/ CEO of Swedish Direct
  • Paul Venter at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Paul Venter
    Head of Curriculum: IB Programs
    Norwegian IB School Association
    Giulia Meschino at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Giulia Meschino
    Secretary General
    European Vocational Training Association
  • Emma Carralon at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Emma Carralon
    Head of Digital Learning and Online Safety Lead
    The British School of Paris
    Sallie Greenhalgh at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Sallie Greenhalgh
    Academic & Digital Lead
    The unicorn School
  • Andrea Lapegna at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Andrea Lapegna
    Deputy Director
    Lifelong Learning Platform
    Mario Brun at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Mario Brun
    Director of the Centre for Innovation and Development in Education and Technology/ Consultant/ Expert Evaluator
    European Commission
  • Elin McCallum at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Elin McCallum
    Director / Co-Founder
    Bantani Education
    Mia de Wilde at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Mia de Wilde
    Director ICTS, Infrastructure & Facilities
    Thomas More University of Applied Science
  • Michael Mosel at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Michael Mosel
    Area Manager Media Center
    University Library Marburg
    Emma Wiersma at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Emma Wiersma
    Project leader educational innovation & educational advisor blended learning
    University of Amsterdam
  • Diana Andone at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Diana Andone
    Director, Digital Education Department
    Politehnica University of Timisoara
    Andreas Antonopoulos at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Andreas Antonopoulos
    University of New York in Prague
  • Anton Béguin at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Anton Béguin
    Chief Education Officer
    International Baccalaureate Organisation
    Fatène Ben-Hamza at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Fatène Ben-Hamza
    Chief Executive Officer
    Generation France
  • Rachel Beyer at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Rachel Beyer
    Global Director of Teaching and Learning (Primary)
    OneSchool Global
    James Browning at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    James Browning
    Chief Operating Officer
    Academies Enterprise Trust
  • Tawhid Chtioui at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Tawhid Chtioui
    aivancity Paris-Cachan, the Grande Ecole of AI & Data
    James Clay at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    James Clay
    Head of Higher Education
  • Guy Collins-Down at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Guy Collins-Down
    Chief Operating Officer
    Alleyn's School
    Brian Cooklin at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Brian Cooklin
    Regional Managing Director
    Nord Anglia Education
  • Blaženka Divjak at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Blaženka Divjak
    Head of Department, Department of Quantitative Methods
    University of Zagreb
    Konstantinos Doukas at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Konstantinos Doukas
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Doukas school
  • Tinatin Endeladze at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Tinatin Endeladze
    Head of the Rectors Office
    The university of Georgia
    Derek Jan Fikkers at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Derek Jan Fikkers
    Director of Strategy and Policy
    University of Twente
  • Carlos Garriga at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Carlos Garriga
    IE University
    Praneschen (Che) Govender at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Praneschen (Che) Govender
    Lecturer, VR/AR in Education
    Hotelschool The Hague
  • Sibylle Harth at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Sibylle Harth
    Director of Teaching, Learning & Technology
    International School of Düsseldorf
    Uta Hauck-Thum at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Uta Hauck-Thum
    Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
  • Lisa Hawker at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Lisa Hawker
    ARK Elvin Academy
    Michael Heister at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Michael Heister
    Head of Departement"Initiatives for VET"
    Federal Institute For Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
  • Gary Henderson at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Gary Henderson
    Director Of Information Technology
    Millfield School
    Robert Jackson at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Robert Jackson
    The American International School of Jeddah
  • Nina Jelen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Nina Jelen
    Primary Teacher
    Ivana Skvarče Zagorje, Primary school
    Gert Jervan at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Gert Jervan
    Dean, School of IT
    Tallinn University of Technology
  • Jussi Oskari Kajander at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jussi Oskari Kajander
    Vice Principal
    Luovi Vocational College
    Alastair Kingsley at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Alastair Kingsley
    Chair of Multi Academy Trust & EdTech CEO
  • Max M. Louwerse at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Max M. Louwerse
    Scientific Director, DAF Technology Lab
    Tilburg University
    Darren Neethling at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Darren Neethling
    Director of Technology
    Copenhagen International School
  • Ben Nelson at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Ben Nelson
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    The Minerva Project
    Juliette Norrmén-Smith at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Juliette Norrmén-Smith
    Individual Specialist
  • Santiago Ordejón Zuckermaier at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Santiago Ordejón Zuckermaier
    Head of Innovations
    Newton College ISP
    Micha Pallesche at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Micha Pallesche
    Ernst Reuter School
  • Maxim Pochebut at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Maxim Pochebut
    Academic Director
    SET University
    Alexandra Read at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Alexandra Read
    Head of Learning Technology
    Girls Day school Trust
  • Avanti Sharma at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Avanti Sharma
    Pre-Teen Technology Specialist
    Workshop4Me a.s.b.l.
    Eliza Stefanova at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Eliza Stefanova
    National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency
  • Jonathan Upton at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jonathan Upton
    Head of Design & Whole school IT
    Haut Lac Bilingual International School
    Caroline Varin at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Caroline Varin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Professors Without Borders
  • Jonathan Wathen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jonathan Wathen
    Board Trustee
    Waterton Academy Trust
    Jean Wu at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jean Wu
    Director, Green Office Sustainability Programs
    Franklin University Switzerland
  • James Garnett at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    James Garnett
    Chair, Board of Trustees
    Apps for Good
    Gian Luca Giovannucci at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Gian Luca Giovannucci
    European University College Association
  • Alexandra Aaron Silva at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Alexandra Aaron Silva
    Dean of Faculty
    Schiller International University
    Liz Free at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Liz Free
    Chief Executive Officer and Director
    International School Rheintal
  • Anna Keune at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Anna Keune
    Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences and Educational Design Technologies
    TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
    Klaus Kreulich at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Klaus Kreulich
    Vice President Education
    Muchen University of Applied Sciences
  • Lea Middelberg at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Lea Middelberg
    Department Head eLearning Competence Center
    UAS Hochschule Osnabrück
    Antonis Mouhtaropoulos at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Antonis Mouhtaropoulos
    Dean of Digital Learning & EdTech
    Metropolitan College, Greece
  • Menno Scheers at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Menno Scheers
    Lead Enterprise Architect
    Marko Turk at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Marko Turk
    Vice Dean for Research and International Cooperation and Professor of Professional Studies
    PAR University of Applied Sciences
  • Abhishek Singh Bhati at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Abhishek Singh Bhati
    Campus Dean and Head (Singapore), Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement
    James Cook University
    Nic Ponsford at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Nic Ponsford
    Founder & CEO
    Global Equality Collective
  • Christa Winqvist at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Christa Winqvist
    Chief Information Officer
    Aalto University
    Maria-Manuela Catrina at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Maria-Manuela Catrina
    National Cyber Security Directorate
  • Clara Hawking at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Clara Hawking
    Head of Artificial Intelligence
    Josephine Mettendaf at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Josephine Mettendaf
    Head of ICT
    Ronduit Onderwijs
  • Jessica Niewint-gori at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Jessica Niewint-gori
    INDIRE - the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Learning Research in Florence
    Flora van Eck at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Flora van Eck
    Managing Director
    ROC Mondriaan
  • Tamara Ciobanu at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Tamara Ciobanu
    Executive Committee Member
    European Students' Union
    Osi Ejiofor at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Osi Ejiofor
    Educational Technologist
    United Learning
  • Alice Blezinger at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Alice Blezinger
    Director Learning
    IU International University Group N.V.
    Fabrizio Fulio Bragoni at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Fabrizio Fulio Bragoni
    PhD student (former teacher)
    Universita degli Studi eCampus
  • Alexandru Capatina at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Alexandru Capatina
    Dunarea de Jos University of Galati
    Lucía Figar De Lacalle at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Lucía Figar De Lacalle
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    The Global College
  • Eva Haug at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Eva Haug
    Educational Advisor Curriculum Internationalisation and COIL
    Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    Liisi Järve at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Liisi Järve
    Head of Educational Technology Centre
  • Lidija Kralj at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Lidija Kralj
    Expert for AI & Data, Director
    Kearon McNicol at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Kearon McNicol
    Director of Education Technology
    College Alpin Beau Soleil
  • Giuseppe Bellia at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Giuseppe Bellia
    UBI Business School
    James Haworth at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    James Haworth
    Head of Digital Learning
    International Education Partnership
  • Arno Schrooyen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Arno Schrooyen
    Executive Committee Member
    European Students' Union
    Kaili Terras at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Kaili Terras
    Ambassador-at-large for Education
    Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Saskia Nijs at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Saskia Nijs
    Chairman, Supervisory Board
    Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel
    Harald Rotter at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Harald Rotter
    CIO & CDO
    University of St. Gallen
  • Matthew Wemyss at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Matthew Wemyss
    Assistant School Director
    Fundatia Mateas - Cambridge School of Bucharest
    Petra Bevek at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Petra Bevek
    Ministry of Education, Slovenia
  • Marjan van Dongen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Marjan van Dongen
    Education Director
    ROC Mondriaan
    Dajana Jelavić at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Dajana Jelavić
    EFL teacher
    secondary school Jure Kaštelan
  • Faye Kafetzopoulou at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Faye Kafetzopoulou
    Head of Department
    Athens College
    Malte Kneifel at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Malte Kneifel
    Learning Experience Designer
    University of Cologne
  • Heikki Lyytinen at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Heikki Lyytinen
    Thinking Lifeline
    Wieneke Maris at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Wieneke Maris
    Subject Coordinator & Teacher of Geography and Global Issues Network Coordinator
    International School of The Hague
  • El Iza Mohamedou at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    El Iza Mohamedou
    Head - Centre for Skills
    OECD (Organisation For Economic Co-operation and Development)
    Catalina Mueller at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Catalina Mueller
    Esslingen University
  • Prof Joachim James Calleja at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Prof Joachim James Calleja
    European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET)
    Pierpaolo Limone at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Pierpaolo Limone
    Pegaso University of Naples
  • Magdalena Sikorska at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Magdalena Sikorska
    Secretary General
    European University for Customised Education (EUNICE)
    Eric Cherel at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Eric Cherel
    Chief Information Officer
    Learning Planet Institute
  • Emre Erol at EDUtech_Europe 2024
    Emre Erol
    Academic Director / Faculty Member
    Sabanci University

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    Ready Education at EDUtech_Europe 2024


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Institutions who attend EDUtech Europe





"We had a wonderful experience with lots of leads, good speeches, keynotes and lots of very good contacts. Really worth it!"
Raluca-Mihaela Keeling
"We had great conversations at the event and were grateful to chat with fantastic education decision-makers; hear about the schools and some of the challenges they have and show them the ways Kami can support their teachers and students."
Nicole Rennie
Head of Business Development, EMEA
"I genuinely felt it exceeded my expectations in every way. The content, speakers, and organisation were all outstanding, and I couldn't have asked for a more enriching and informative experience."
Catarina Ferreira
Maths and Science Teacher and Tech Coach Senior School
PaRK International School, Portugal
"The range of speakers and the increased emphasis on networking have been fantastic this year. Bringing together such a wide range of minds who are all so authentic in their passion for education has made attending a pleasure."
Jocelyn Gamble
Educational Technology Specialist (Whole School Management)
Leipzig International School, Germany

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