David Pekoske, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration

Jonathan Turley, Professor Of Public Interest Law, The George Washington University Law School

Austin Gould, Assistant Administrator, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Arwen Smit, Author, Identity Reboot

Arwen Smit | Author | Identity Reboot » speaking at connect:ID

John Wagner, Senior Communication Advisor, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Adam Klein, Chairman, Privacy And Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Robert Atkinson, Founder And President, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Kris Ranganath, Vice President, Technology And Solutions, NEC Corporation of America

Jean Francois Lennon, Head Of Strategic Sales And Global Partnerships, Vision Box

Patrick Clancey, Vice President Of Digital Identity Operations, Idemia

Yvette Badu-Nimako, United States House Of Representatives

Yvette Badu-Nimako |  | United States House Of Representatives » speaking at connect:ID

Simon Baechler, Head of Forensic Science and Crime Intelligence, Neuchâtel State Police, Switzerland

Lisa Barrett, Director Of Digital Identity, Government Digital Service, UK Cabinet Office

Matt Boisseau, Developer Advocate, FusionAuth

Thirimachos Bourlai, Associate Professor, West Virginia University

Andrew Bud, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, iProov

Jordan Burris, Chief of Staff to the Federal CIO, The Office of Management and Budget

Timothy Brown, Senior Technology Director, Idemia

Tony Lo Brutto, Executive Vice President, Identification And Biometric Solutions, Thales

Greg Cannon, Director Of Technology, HID Global

Rama Chellappa, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland

Andrew Churchill, Security Consultant And Researcher, Technology Strategy

Debora Comparin, Chair, Open Api Working Group, Secure Identity Alliance

Melissa Conley, Senior Advisor, Requirements and Capability Analysis, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Sarah Conron, Board Member, Document Security Alliance (DSA) And Managing Scientist, Exponent

Jim Cunha, Senior Vice President Of Treasury And Financial Services, Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston

Sal D'Agostino, Co-Founder, Open Consent Group

Devika Daga, Ai Practitioner, Humane Technologist, MOSIP

Franz Daubner, Research Engineer, A.I.T. Austrian Institute of Technology Gmbh

Franz Daubner | Research Engineer | A.I.T. Austrian Institute of Technology Gmbh » speaking at connect:ID

Lisette Looren De Jong, Project Leader Innovation Border Management, Ministry of Justice and Security

Magruder Dent, Dir; Fed Bus Dev, Aware, Inc.

Marcio Derenne, Specialized Officer, INTERPOL

Amol Deshmukh, Vice President Solution Development, Identity And Biometrics, Gemalto, a Thales company

Sanjay Dharwadker, Expert, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Paul Dipietra, Senior Account Development Manager, NEC Corporation of America

Paul Dipietra | Senior Account Development Manager | NEC Corporation of America » speaking at connect:ID

Pam Dixon, Founder And Executive Director, World Privacy Forum

Troy Eberhardt, Section Chief, Research And Development, Homeland Security Investigations Forensic Laboratory

Daniel Ferak, Head Of Product Management, Innovatrics

Fred Fischer, Director, Global Aviation, NEC Corporation of America

Ross Foard, Information Technology Specialist, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

George Freeman, Solutions Consultant, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Bernard Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, nVIAsoft Corporation

Clare Garvie, Associate, Center on Privacy & Technology

Dorothy Glancy, Professor, Santa Clara University

Mathieu Glaude, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Block

Jeremy Grant, Coordinator, Better Identity Coalition

Patrick Gray, Retired Special Agent, Counterintelligence, Federal Bureau Of Investigation Fbi

William Graves, Chief Engineer, Program Manager Biometrics, United States Department of Defense

William Graves | Chief Engineer, Program Manager Biometrics | United States Department of Defense » speaking at connect:ID

Patrick Grother, Biometrics Evaluator, NIST

Hannes Hahkio, Consultant, Nixu corporation

Chris Harris, Project Manager, NEC Corporation of America

Larry Hatch, Executive Vice President Of Industry And Workforce Services, National Student Clearing House

Gautam Hazari, Technical Director, GSMA

Bjorn Hjelm, Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Verizon

Benji Hutchinson, Vice President, Federal Operations, NEC Corporation of America

Justin Hyde, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Justin Ikura, Deputy Director, International Unit, Canadian Passport Program, Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Ashwini Jarral, Executive Director, IJIS Institute

Michael King, Associate Professor, School Of Computing, Florida Institute of Technology

Josh Kolchins, Head Of Sales - Federal, Vision-Box

Mary Kombolias, Senior Chemist, United States Government Publishing Office And Guest Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST

Gary Lac, Senior Director, Technical Consulting, Idemia

Tovah LaDier, Conference Co-Chair and Executive Director, IBIA

Phil Lam, Executive Director of Identity, General Services Administration

Jason Lim, Biometrics Capability Manager, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Mark Lizar, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Open Consent Group

Andrew Lock, Legislative Assistant, United States Senate

Mark Lockie, Managing Director, Science Media Partners

James Loudermilk, Senior Director, Innovation And Customer Solutions, Idemia-NSS

Catharine Macintosh, Chief Executive Officer, Real Estate Dot Love

Michael McLaughlin, Research Analyst, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

John Mears, Chairman, International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA)

Tim Meyerhoff, Director, Iris ID Systems

Rob Mikell, Director, Business Development For Government Mobile Solutions, Idemia

Jean-Baptiste Milan, Product Marketing Manager, HID Global

Ohannes Minnetian, Project Manager, Government Id Documents, OVD Kinegram Corp

Rob Mungovan, Chief Commercial Officer, Aware, Inc.

Mohammed Murad, Vice President- Global Sales, Marketing And Business Development, Iris ID

Mohammed Murad | Vice President- Global Sales, Marketing And Business Development | Iris ID » speaking at connect:ID

Elke Oberg, Marketing Manager, Cognitec Systems GmbH

Renée Ong-De-Jong, Research and Development Advisor Travel Documents, Netherlands Ministry of the Interior

Joe Palmer, President, iProov

Austin Park, Director, Software Development, NEC Corporation of America

Neville Pattinson, Head Of Federal Sales, Thales

John Peters, Head New Business, OVD Kinegram AG

Michael Pettibone, Vice President, Digital Identity, Cyber And Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard

Krzysztof Raczyński, Founder, COO, Digital Fingerprints

Kiran Raja, Associate Professor, Norwegian University Of Science And Technology

Ralph Rodriguez, Research Scientist, Applied Identity Intelligence, Facebook

Michael Ronayne, Senior Director, Identity Solutions, IDEMIA National Security Solutions

Frank Sangiorgi, Director, NEC Corporation of America

Frank Sangiorgi | Director | NEC Corporation of America » speaking at connect:ID

John Schneider, Senior Director Of Technology, Qualcomm

John Schneider | Senior Director Of Technology | Qualcomm » speaking at connect:ID

Patrick Sgueglia, Product Manager, Regulatory Services, Lufthansa German Airlines

Geoff Slagle, Director, Identity Management, AAMVA

Annet Steenbergen, advisor, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Diane Stephens, Biometric Standards, NIST

Martin Stokkenes, Phd Research Fellow, Norwegian University Of Science And Technology

Amos Stone, Co Founder, 18F

Kimberly Sutherland, Vice President, Fraud & Identity Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Carl Szabo, Net Choice

Andre Ten Caat, Former Senior Document Expert, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee And Director, TenDoc

Don Thieabu, Executive Director, OpenID Foundation

Ryan Thomas, Manager, Acumen Security

Paul Townsend, Solutions Architect And Expert, ISO Sub-Committee 17

Arun Vemury, Director, Biometric And Identity Technology Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Scott Vien, Director Of Business Development, GET Group NA

Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative

Ryan Walters, Senior Technical Architect, Booz Allen Hamilton

Monika Weber, Project Manager, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Shawna Webster, Executive Director, NAPHSIS

Don Wiggins, Global Chief Solutions Architect, Equinix Government Solutions

Nicole Williams, Director Of Field Marketing, Identity And Biometric Solutions, Gemalto, a Thales company

Simon Williamson, Vice President, North America, iProov

Michelle Wilson, Document Design Officer, United States Department of State

Michelle Wilson | Document Design Officer | United States Department of State » speaking at connect:ID

Teresa Wu, Vice President Of Product Management, Idemia

Yaser Yacoob, Associate Research Scientist, University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

Vanessa Wilson, Assistant General Counsel, Federal Bureau Of Investigation Fbi

Joel Zlotnick, Physical Scientist, US Department of State

Lénárd Zsákai, Border Police Expert, Hungarian National Police






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