Ciaran Carolan | Research and Development Officer

Ciaran Carolan, Research and Development Officer, eu-LISA

Ciarán Carolan is Research and Development Officer at eu-LISA. He works at the interface of policy, research and technological evolution. As well as supporting overall technological and strategic system evolution, he is also involved in technical and operational projects, many focussed on identity and border management issues.

eu-LISA was established in 2012 to manage all large-scale IT systems in the fields of migration and border management and law enforcement cooperation in Europe. It currently administers three systems founded on biometric identity management while developing two more.

Ciarán currently chairs eu-LISA’s internal Task Force on Interoperability, driving evolution of new paradigms for improved capability provision to IT system end users. He is also involved in several technical working groups in the Justice and Home Affairs domain.

Ciarán has BSc and PhD qualifications from Trinity College Dublin. Prior to joining eu-LISA, he worked on software design and development as well as IT system administration at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Hamburg, Germany.


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EU IT System Interoperability – Cohesive Identity Management Through Intelligent Biometric Database Design

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