Vangelis Sakkopoulos | Professor
University of Piraeus

Vangelis Sakkopoulos, Professor, University of Piraeus

Dr. Vangelis Sakkopoulos leads the GET Mobile ID Research & Development team and is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece.

Dr. Sakkopoulos’s research interests include personalized software engineering, mobile software, and secure identities software. He has more than 60 publications in international journals and conferences at these areas with prestigious publisher as ACM, IEEE, Springer, and Elsevier.

Dr. Sakkopoulos has been a member, representative, and technical participant at:

  • The ISO Working Group 18013-5 for the standardization of the mobile Driver's License.
  • The Technology and SPOC specification subgroups and the EU Committee of the Article 6 of Regulation (European Commission) 1683/95 laying down the uniform visa format (including secure electronic Residence Permits for third country nationals and electronic Passports standards across EU).
  • A technology representative at the European Union (EU) Mobile identification interoperability group (e-Mobidig). e-mobidig.


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