Simon Baechler | Head of Forensic Science and Crime Intelligence
Neuchâtel State Police, Switzerland

Simon Baechler, Head of Forensic Science and Crime Intelligence, Neuchâtel State Police, Switzerland

Simon Baechler is head of forensic science and crime intelligence at the state Police of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He is also a researcher and lecturer in forensic science and crime intelligence at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, as well as an associate professor with the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières, Canada. He completed a PhD in 2015 related to forensic intelligence and document examination. He has published several papers and chapters in various fields of forensic science and crime intelligence, including about combating document fraud. He is chairman of the Western Switzerland expert working group on identity and travel documents, and a member of the Joint Operational Team Document Fraud hosted by Europol.


connect:ID 2020 Day 1 @ 11:35

Forensic profiling of fraudulent identity documents: Projects conducted in Europe and North America

This presentation introduces PROFID, a successful and unique profiling system set up in Switzerland to detect and investigate criminal networks that produce, distribute or use fraudulent identity and travel documents. Half of the 2000 fraudulent documents profiled in the system were forensically linked, leading to the detection of more than 130 series or networks. PROFID has demonstrated that once a series is detected and investigated it soon ends up being solved, underlining the key contribution of forensic document examination in an intelligence-led policing perspective. The potential extension of the profiling system in Europe through a consortium supported by Europol will be presented. The challenges associated with developing and implementing such a profiling system will also be illustrated through a project conducted in Québec, Canada.
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