Scott Dueweke | President and Founder
The Identity and Payments Association

Scott Dueweke, President and Founder, The Identity and Payments Association

Scott Dueweke is an expert on identity, the blockchain, the dark web and alternative payment systems. He has advised senior leadership within financial institutions, the U.S. government, as well as international law enforcement. In 2012 he sparked the Silk Road dark market investigation by the US Secret Service while presenting at a EUROPOL money laundering conference. Mr. Dueweke has provided training on digital identity, the blockchain and other digital value systems to non-profits, corporations and governments, including Citigroup, the National Health Care Innovation Summit, the US Intelligence Community, FBI, Department of State, USAID, INTERPOL, EUROPOL, and the UNODC to name a few. He has worked with the IRS and other parts of government on understanding and managing the risks and costs of big data and privacy.

Through his knowledge of the Dark Web and anonymous payments he supported Operation Underground Railroad in their efforts to stop global child sex slavery rings. In June 2018 Mr. Dueweke testified on the role of anonymous payment systems in allowing foreign influence om US elections, and in 2017 on cybercrime before the House Finance Committee. Scott has worked extensively on targeting and tradecraft in digital identity, virtual worlds, the dark web, bitcoin, other digital payment systems, as well as biometrics. 

Mr. Dueweke currently leads a focus on the dark web, anonymous payments and blockchain at Leidos. His  experience in the blockchain and its underlying technology of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) began in 1996 with his role as the Global Marketing Manager for IBM’s PKI Group and was cited for his contribution to the book “Understanding Digital Signatures” in 1997. Mr. Dueweke currently is on the Board of Directors for the cybersecurity focused Stratus Digital Systems, the Advisory Board of identity services company Trunomi as well as He also led a blockchain project within the healthcare community focused on patient identity.

Mr. Dueweke has provided public and private sector clients an understanding of identities and alternative payment systems, both risks and rewards. In 2015 he provided Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF) training for more than 40 countries’ Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) including sessions in the Philippines, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. He helped lead, along with the US Department of State’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau and USAID, the New Payment Systems Workshop at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Senior Leaders Working Group at Subic Bay, Philippines.

Mr. Dueweke also provides ISO 27001 risk analysis auditing, policy creation and consulting to his clients to identify risk exposures in their application of blockchain and alternative payments. He led marketing for IBM’s Internet Payments group, supporting the company’s payment, eWallet and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions globally. At Booz Allen he led a 56-person team of engineers focused on converged access control and set up a lab incorporating biometrics, physical, and logical access control devices exhibiting the value of converged identity management. He has also established expertise on the role and attendant privacy risks of big data on identity.

He began his career with the U.S. Agency for International Development, where Mr. Dueweke participated in the Armenian earthquake and Hurricane Gilbert responses.  He also co-founded Freedom Flight International in the mid-1990s where, working with the U.S. Coast Guard, his organization flew private aircraft over the Florida Straits to assist the rescue of Cuban rafters as profiled in the book, “Dying to Get Here: A Story of Coming to America”.


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