Nina Suchankova | Business Development Manager, North America

Nina Suchankova, Business Development Manager, North America, Innovatrics

Nina Suchankova is responsible for business development in North America at Innovatrics. Being with the company for more than three years, Nina made her way from leading the Innovatrics SDK sales platform to the big league of governmental and enterprise biometric projects.

Prior to joining Innovatrics, Nina has been one of the founder members leading sales at Infinario, an ecommerce analytics platform and Vezma, a fleet tracking solution. IT sector is what is linking all these three companies, as technology is something Nina has always been passionate about. She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Management from the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

When not at the office, you may find Nina at a calisthenics workout or enjoying a nice cup of coffee at one of her favorite specialty cafes.


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